Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I need a BAND-AID

For my stinkin' Kitchen Aid!

Lori 038

Ugh, I'm just so frustrated I could spit.

We spent a bunch of money on this thing. Of course, just past it's warrenty, it begins to fall apart. We've had it into specialty Kitchen Aid repair guys who keep telling us different things are wrong with it. We've been blessed thus far to have hardly had to pay anything for the repairs but I busted it AGAIN today. It's the first time I've made bread out here in MI - and wham-o - it's busted.

The thing is, I'm not pushing the amounts of flour or the timing at all. At most, I used 7 1/2 c. of flour, mostly white today. My machine is supposed to be able to handle much more than that. And I had hardly started the kneading process (right after having added all the flour) when I heard a big CRACK and it started this terribly loud grinding process.


Don't EVER purchase a Kitchen Aid - not if you want to make bread. Even if you don't make bread all that often. There are times I'll only make up one batch every week or two weeks. Yet it's still busted.

I'm going to talk to my dh tonight about giving up on this piece of junk and purchasing a BOSCHE with some tax return money. I'm not sure if we'll have enough, but I've heard nothing but great things about them and they make MUCH larger batches, MUCH more often. Once my babies hit those hungry teenage years, I bet my bread baking will come in mighty handy at filling up their tummies! I need to get something better than this piece of.....


Excuse me. I'll be fine. Fine.

If nothing else, I got a good arm workout kneading my dough.

*Michigan Momma*


Julie said...

Im starting either next month or the following month to save up grocery money when I can so I can get the Bosch. I have heard such great things about it. Of course my darling daughters will still have to learn to bake bread the "old fashioned" way, because I dont expect them to have the luxury of the Bosch when they first set up house! They must first go through the dreaded KITCHEN AID. I tried to make bread with mine ONE time and it completly died on me. I got it fixed and vowed NEVER AGAIN! Im kind of liking the kneading process just wishing it was not so time consuming. :)

Mr. Organized Garage said...

I have also heard that Bosch is great, and I am now considering buying one. Thank you.