Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sink Baths

Talitha 064

Okay, so this is an older pic from our home in CO - but I just wanted to share about "sink baths".

I love them!

Well, not me PERSONALLY taking a sink bath (although the claw tubs are reminicent of sink baths - for adults, right?!). But giving them to my babies.

Today was a sink bath day.

My baby has sick diahearra. There was no way I was filling up a huge tub of water only to clean out diahearra 5 min. later. Nope, not happening. But she desperately needed a bath (obviously). So into our rather large kitchen sink she went. Now today she didn't actually poop in the bath water, but she's been known to do so - often. If she would have, especially with her being semi-sick, I would have had MUCH less work and disinfecting to do.

Also, in my 8 1/2 months preggo state, getting down on my hands and knees while bending over the hard tub is NOT on my list of favorite activities. With the sink bath, I am able to stand up, clean her VERY well, use my nice faucet sprayer thingy like a shower and sing to my babies as I comfortably bathe them. What a plus - for both of us!!

When I was done, my 3yog wanted to take a sink bath. So I drew a fresh sink of warm water with some bubbles and she was done lickety-split. The little sprayer thing worked great on her as she especially hates to get water in her eyes or ears.

When she was out, you guessed it, my 5yob wanted in. A new sink of sudsy warm water and we were off. He was the messiest, being the largest and the most playful, but it was still all on the counter - easily reached and wiped down, unlike all the bending required in a tub. He is also the one with the headcold sickness right now, so I would have had to draw THREE seperate tub baths. I honestly don't think we have that much hot water in this new house.

So there ya go - SINK BATHS! Go for it. Lots less mess, lots less bending over, lots of individual time with each baby. I am MUCH less stressed (as in NONE) after these thress baths than I normally am after 3 tub baths. Bonus: all my babies loved it, are clean and had some great singing time with momma today.

Even if that's all I get done today (and it may be), I feel good.

Well, I will after I go take my own shower....

Happy & Sudsy
*Michigan Momma*

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Julie said...

Im just now experiencing sink baths with my baby. I love them! He likes when I turn on the water he tries to fit the whole faucet in his mouth, its hilarious. My sprayer is much too powerful, I think I would have a man overboard if I tried to use that thing on my baby. LOL