Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm lovin' the fashions!

Ok, so it seems, from what I can tell during my recent trip to the mall (that happens like all of three times year for me) that TUNICS and EMPIRE waists are *in*. How cool is that?!

Well, for us less-than-perfect-body mommas - it is most cool!!

The smallest part of my torso is just under my bust. So by having the waist accented there, well, it just gives me a nicer look. Trying to make my *actual* waist look nice is umm...not easy.

Added bonus: when I'm preggo, I can just wear these types of tops through my whole pregnancy. Plus afterwards, when I'm not quite back to normal yet. And even when I've lost the baby weight (ok, most of the baby weight), it's still fashionable to be wearing these longer flattering tops. Whoo-hoo!

Ok, just excited about dorky things....

*Michigan Momma*

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