Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ok, so today is Tuesday. I have a scheduled c-section on Thursday. I'm super-psyched!!

I still have to clean a lot of my house. It's not messy or cluttered or anything - but it could use a good dusting/windexing, the floors could use a good sweep, the bathrooms will get a swish - you know, the basics.

I also have to pack my bag and the bag for the baby - how exciting is THAT?!?!


Here is the nightgown I went ahead and purchased recently. Actually, it looks much better on me (and I don't normally think I look better in stuff than the model) - I think because it's made for plus-size ladies, I'm guessing. Also, the model must be tall 'cause this gown goes past my knees - I like them better that way, so I don't have to worry about showing my THIGHS to any visitors. Anyways, it just looks really cute on - although I'm not quite sure I'm ready to post any pics of me in it quite yet *grins* In fact, I gained a grand total of like 8 lbs in the last two weeks. Seriously. No, seriously. I don't think I've done much besides eat these last few weeks - oh, and complain about contractions. I am *so* ready to have this baby - and then get back to eating healthy foods. Yes, of course I could start now. I just don't want to. Leave me alone - I'm 9 months pregnant.

I'm bringing a premie outfit for the baby to come home in. This outfit is what my mother bought to take my first son's one month pictures in. It's adorable. I tend to have smaller babies (7 lbs even being the largest - my first) and all the newborn stuff is just huge on them.

Oh, I also made a blankie this past weekend for him. This is actually the third blankie I've made Elijah thus far. The first one is fine, just seems more like a toddler blankie than a newborn's, really. It's pretty big and not all that soft. Actually, my 5yo has used it a few times and really likes it! Then I altered a pattern and made a VERY soft blankie - yet I think my altering was a bit off. It was *supposed* to be a square. Oops. I actually just tossed it 'cause I didn't want to think of what is was *supposed* to look like every time I covered Eli up in it.

So this past weekend, I found a quickie grannie square pattern and just used up a bunch of scrap, very soft yarns I had lying around. It turned out great~ I love it ~ I'll post a pic here once the kiddos are done with their quiet time.

We also visited the hospital today where we will be delivering. It's very nice - but nothing all that exciting or anything. But nice. The room is nice and large, but it just has the plain ol' "Daddy chair" for my poor dh to sleep in. I request my hubby sleep at the hospital just that first night. Usually, I still have at least my IV in, if not the catheter, and I'm just barely walking - so it's comforting for me to have him there. After that, I COMPLETELY understand that he has other obligations (namely, our three other children and a new job) so getting a good night's sleep is essential for him. What a sweetie!!

Our OB did say today (at my LAST appointment - whoo-hoo!) that I was a very healthy woman who has had very healthy pregnancies and good deliveries (even though they were c-sections). This has led me to believe that my records indicate all is well inside (uterus-speaking). I just pray she also finds good results so having more children will not be medically-difficult in the future. We desire as many children as the Lord wants to bless us with!!

Ok, I can hear my 5yob singing at the top of his lungs - which is a pretty good indication his "quiet" time is about over. He is such a wonderful big boy! He was waiting in the car today during my OB appointment (with my dh, of course) and when I got back into the car, he said, "Momma, is the baby out yet??". As if I would just walk back into the car (with no baby!). He knows Momma doesn't have to push a baby out, and that a doctor has to cut Momma open and help the baby come out (with medicine, so the cut doesn't hurt Momma) - but hey, he's five! He just wants the baby to come out so that then there will be three girls and three BOYS in our family!

I mean, come on, look at that face:
meal time at camp

Ok, ready to use those little blue boy clothese again! Elijah, Momma is ready to meet you and hold you and love you and thank God for you every single day!!!

*Michigan Momma~

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Julie said...

Well you are preparing for baby right now! I dont even know if you will see this comment in the coming days of the sweet disruption, but you asked about the ages of my kids and I wanted to tell you. ;)
Karly is 9, Kelsie is 6 (7 next month), Tamara is 5, Adrian is 3, and Jonathan is 13 months old.
Congratulations on this new blessing. I am praying for health and safety today!