Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Nowadays, it seems as if I get little done by the world's standards. Even by my own standards, I feel like I'm being lazy. I'm not, but it can feel that way. When I take a look at the house at the end of the day, the fingerprints are still there. The laundry is not finished. Once again, I didn't get to that *extra* project just begging for my attention. I may be showered, but I'm doubting my hair was dryed and curled....

Know what I mean?

I feel a bit like that today. In order to avoid those types of feelings, I'm going to blog just a few of the things I *DID* do today - really, just to help myself feel better. Hey, it's my blog, why not?!

*got up, went pee, put on jammies
*emptied dishwasher, reloaded dishwasher, started dishwasher
*started coffee maker (with Isaac's help)
*made large batch of oatmeal, fed kids said oatmeal, mandarin oranges and juice
*cleaned up said children, table dishes and mess on floor
*got children started with games, computer, etc.
*got cup of coffee, watched 1/2 an episode of "A Baby Story" while eating three cookies
*changed diaper on baby
*changed POOPY diaper on baby 5 minutes later
*went through baby's clothes, putting away too small clothing in storage bins
*put next size clothing into her drawers and closet
*found an empty bin for baby's growing number of shoes
*play dress up with 'princess clothes' on girls
*put together NEW baby's carseat: freshly washed fabric, winter cover and vibrating snuggly
*gave three sink baths, lotioned and dressed said three babies
*kiss numerous unseen "boo-boos" and break up undisclosed number of arguments
*folded load of laundry, rotated laundry
*got together snack-lunch for children, cleaned up faces, table and floor (again)
*got all babies down for quiet time in seperate rooms (praise Jesus!)
*began prep-work for new dinner recipe (Pizza Casserole)
*creatively come up with ingredients as we do not have all correct ingredients for said recipe
*get items needed for relaxing bath for momma (it WILL happen)
*check email, two replies to emails
*this blog entry

Ok, then I just have to actually TAKE the bath, dress, get myself together, finish dinner prep and bake it, get kids up in time for dinner with daddy - then off to Wed. night church activities, and then back home for a late bedtime.

Yup, I really do feel better.

Yes, the fingerprints I keep passing on the MANY mirrors in this house are still there. Yes, the floor *seriously* needs vaccuuming. No, I didn't get to calling my sister yet AGAIN today (I do know you're still alive and yes, I still love you!). No, the kid's hooks are not hung in their rooms yet, nor have I called the landlord about our non-working tub.

But I feel good. Really good. Much better than I did before typing out this blog.

Thanks for letting me share. It helps.

Love to all ~ Blessings on all you other busy momma's who can never quite come up with a good answer when your husband asks "So, what did you do all day??"
*Michigan Momma*

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Julie said...

This list made me laugh. Somedays I feel like I did nothing and then on reflection realize that it was just one of those days where all the little things just kept adding up. I especially like the part where you changed baby and then had to change her POOPY diaper five minutes later. Never fails! :)