Thursday, February 8, 2007

dressing up 001

Here is my sick baby. The poor baby has quite the headcold. She came into our room last night about 1:45am and I just couldn't resist picking her up and letting her sleep inbetween Dean and I. We don't normally sleep with our children, but we do make exceptions for sick babies.

She slept late this morning in my arms in our bed, as I tried to listen to my other two babies watch cartoons this morning (fun for them!). She is still all stuffy and congested, but the sleep seems to have helped as she is playing dress-up with her sister just fine!

So here's my sick baby - about 21 months old - dressed up in high fashion~~
*Michigan Momma*

p.s. I don't sleep very well when a baby is in our bed, so I feel a bit tired today too - that would explain it being 10:20am with me still in my jammies and about to enjoy my first cup of coffee.....~MM~

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