Wednesday, March 7, 2007

He's almost three weeks old!

What a sweet-pea!

One of my latest favorite pics of little man.

Did I mention that we had a chimney fire the day I got back from the hospital with Elijah?? Totally sucks. Really. So my babies and I have been displaced since then. I believe the workers, painters, cleaners, etc. should be done at the end of this week. I think. Please God, let them be done soon....

I *need* my house back.

And btw, taking care of four little babies is REALLY hard work. The hardest work I have ever done. Totally worth it, mind you, but still - hard. I have been told by numerous moms of many blessings that it indeed DOES get a bit easier, at least physically, once the oldest ones get a bit older. I'm hanging onto that shred of hope.....

Just tired right now. Ok, time to go nurse Elijah. It really is a blessing and I am so happy! Thank you God for my family~~

*Michigan Momma*

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Anonymous said...

I will have four little ones, (five and under) in just three months. Going to three was toughest for me so far, let's see how it is going to four. My mom always said four was a piece of cake. But, by the time she had four, She had a 6 and a half year old, 4 year old, two year old, and then newborn. Mine are a little younger. I can't believe you aren't even in your own home! That does really stink. I have been checking back every day to see if there are new pictures of your little one. Congrats! And try to get some rest! ~Cassandra