Wednesday, March 7, 2007

is 4 *really* harder than 3?

Go Bucks!

Now see, I had heard that going to three was pretty hard. Going from the whole "man-to-man" to "zone defense" type of thing. Yet overall, I thought going from 2 to 3 kids was fairly easy. No real stress there (or I've blocked it out - entirely possible).


But for me, going from 3 to 4 has been REALLY TOUGH. Yet in looking at the details, I'm guessing it has more to do with the situation than with the number of kids.

When Elijah was less than 3 days old, we had to quickly evacuate our home due to a fire.

When he was just 5 days old, we headed off to the mall and to McD's - not for fun mind you, but simply because our home was invaded by cleaners, construction people, painters, etc. I *had* to find an outlet for my other three children. Plus my mother and I needed to decide what the best case scenario was for the upcoming weeks.

When Elijah was only 6 days old, my mother and I rounded up my four little ones and we boarded the Amtrak train for a five hour trip to her house (apartment - although nice-sized).

So, you see, we haven't had the 'normal' post-birth experience. Instead of trying to keep the house tidy with so many babies, I've had to say things like "hey, stay out of the painting supplies" (which happen to be strewn across the den). Instead of eating meals made by other loving families - we have had to throw those in the freezer, while heading out to another resturant since we couldn't eat in our home with soot-y dishes and all those cleaning chemicals everywhere. It's a bit difficult to start a wonderful nursing experience with so many strange men walking around our home. ya know?


Being at my parent's home was SO much better, but it still wasn't ideal. I was without my husband, for one thing, as he had to stay in MI at his new job. I was sad that he was missing Elijah's first few weeks of life. I was tired. I was concerned that we were stressing out my folks - who, while wonderful, aren't used to my brood and our noise/activity level.

you talkin' to me??

Yet amidst all that junk, the Lord has been speaking to me in different ways. One was yesterday morning when I went to a Women's Study on Esther. The gist of that day's lesson was "Life isn't always fair, but God is always just". Good to hear. The other was through my lesson for tonight's Ladies Bible Study. It was basically about how we as Christian seem to think if we are going through struggles, that perhaps we are somehow headed down the wrong path - not in God's will. When in actuality, being IN God's will may sometimes lead us through VERY difficult circumstances. We always want things to go "our way", to be comfortable. Yet that's not always what is *best* for us according to God. And we can TRUST that God *does* know what's best for us and wants the best for us. Praise Jesus we aren't in charge here!!

So there ya go. Having four children, five and under, is REALLY tough. Just getting everyone pottied, dressed, changed, teeth brushed, hair somewhat combed, pack the ever-expanding diaper bag, not forgetting the all-important binkie and blankie, not to mention sippy cup and make sure everyone has on two shoes....
Well, you get the idea. And that's just the basics to get out the door - let alone what's needed once you get anywhere. Let's just say, this has shown us, IN GLARING DETAIL, what we need to address in regards to discipline.

my Selah girl


Ok, well, I have to be at church in one hour. I'd better start getting ready now, if I have ANY hope of making it on time (did I mention we live just 5 minutes from our church??).

I honestly am loving it! And I'm fairly certain I'll love it even more when the darned plastic covering my entire living room is GONE.

Trying to say YES to Him each moment~
*Michigan Momma*


Anonymous said...

It varies from woman-to-woman. For me, it was going from 2 to 3, but I also found going from 5 to 6 hard. I don't know why, but it was.

I love your post for today! So much Truth there! We do have a tendancy to think that we must not be in God's will when things aren't going right. We never realize that God is trying to make us grow.

Anonymous said...

Don't scare me. Going from two to three traumatized me. I am going from three to four in three short months. Four children five and under- just like you! Hopefully, though, I won't have a house fire to deal with. Augh. What a pain! I hope everything settles down soon for you!
It's a Wonderful Life

Janel said...

I didn't have any problem going from 2 to 3, but that jump from 3 to 4 was a doozey - and mine are all 2.5 & 3 years apart. I remember calling my mom and saying, "I know why Grandma had a nervous breakdown..."

We had to move 1800 miles 4 weeks before #4's birth. It probably didn't help any. I was putting away boxes and pushing around furniture. You "just" get to redecorate! e'hem.

Hugs & Prayers!