Saturday, March 17, 2007

Laundry explained

Lest any of you think I am a COMPLETE slacker for all the laundry I had to do today (I tried to remember, I think it was like 11 loads altogether), I thought I would explain.

We have all been slightly undert the weather around here. For dh and I, it's just been a bad sinus thingy, complete with headaches, sore throats, achy muscles in the neck, you name it. For the kids though, it has included one barfing session per child (all of them while in bed, mind you - this accounts for a few loads today as two of them threw up last night), plus some seriously nasty diapers coming from Tali. Gross.

Amazingly, the baby has had no signs of being ill - Praise Jesus! He has started spitting up a bit - as if he's eating just a bit too much. No projectile vomiting or anything though, so we're good there. Diapers normal, sinuses seem normal, etc. Let's keep it that way - he's too young to get sick without momma getting slightly neurotic.

Ok, there ya go - I didn't just skip out on ALL my laundry this week - I was just slammed with a lot of extra LINENS to wash these last few days, so it has thrown off my laundry up-keep. If I can squeeze it in, I'll wash our linens as well tomorrow - but seeing as how the only time we're not at church tomorrow is the afternoon, at which time I'll be napping, I don't really see it happening. Oh well.....

~Way past my bed time~
*Michigan Momma*


Anonymous said...

Oh,you poor thing. It's just one thing after another at your house, isn't it? = ) We just had the flu the last three weeks, (it's been almost two weeks since someone threw up!) and it.was.awful. Every single one in the household except Mama got it. I am still wary that I might. If there is one thing in the world I hate doing, it's cleaning up puke. Yuck. And why does it always happen when they are in bed? I washed so many sheets the one week- I lost track of the loads. Hoping you all get better! ~Cassandra

Holly said...

Hey Lori!!! We only live about 40 min. from each other! You guys are at Colonial Woods! My dh and I went to college with your senior pastor/wife. In fact, we just saw them Fri. night at a minister's meeting!

How WONDERFUL to meet you! It looks like we share many things in common. We have 7 children - and homeschool.

I see that your little one is only a month old. He's so CUTE! :)

Thank you for seeking my blog out for the pastor's wife. It can be such a lonely, difficult job.

I also write at

Looking forward to getting to know more about you - but my son is begging for the computer right now and I need to run. I'll be back. :)

*MichiganMomma* said...

Hi Holly,

So good to hear from you! I can't believe we're only 40 min. apart - it's so cool when the huge 'blogosphere' is shrunk down to 2 people living so close together!!

We have only been at CWMC for just over 2 months. This is our second ministry position with one internship before that. I remember, while dh was doing his internship, the current Children's Pastor's wife was talking to me about these kinds of topics. I tried to understand, but I don't really think you "get it" until you are in that position.

I'll be checking my email to be approved to your yahoo group - thanks so much for doing that!