Wednesday, March 28, 2007


So much happening around here lately. Fun stuff. Let's recap:

Yesterday morning was my weekly Women's Bible Study. Besides the actual Bible study (on Esther, this week on revenge and forgiveness), it's good for me to have fellowship with some of our church ladies. I'm S L O W L Y beginning to learn their names and yesterday I even found myself having joined a playgroup every other week. It also includes some Ladies Night Out's so that will be good for me (my dh encourages me to attend these types of events - for my sanity and his - so he will be more than willing to watch the kiddos).

Then I took the kids down to the river and the lake. We didn't get out however, as it was still chilly and Selah had decided to pee her panties (and tights, and dress, and shoes) at Story Tales (a kid's book club type of thing) and no one had jackets. But I promised them we would come back later that same day.

We got home, I put the kids down to bed for Quiet Time and began getting things together. I wanted to get dinner and dessert all together, get the kids warm clothes & jackets together for the lake and pick up daddy on the way there from church.

Oh, I made a few more recipes from the Paula Deen Celebrates cookbook. For dinner I made her homemade mac-n-cheese which was a HUGE hit even with my Kraft-purist son. For dessert, I made up her Georgia Cookie Candy which is ADDICTIVE (and not good if you are trying to lose weight!).

Anyways, Dean walks in the door at 4:30pm - WHAT?!? I wasn't expecting that - but I tried to be pleasant and smile and be happy he was home (which I was). We decided to have an early dinner, run to the lake with the kids, pick up my meds for thrush (great, another long story) and go to the store since dh had volunteered us to bring food to the staff chapel in the morning.

Fun times.

So we pulled together some more of Paula's recipes: the Hashbrown Casserole, Pecan Pie Muffins (again) and a basic smoothie recipe. The Hashbrown Casserole isn't at all "eggy" and is absolutely delicious!

We did manage to make it to the lake, but only *after* the weather had changed. So now it was very chilly, with a nice fog and wet mist in the air. We ran around the boardwalk thingy for a few minutes along the river (between MI and Canada) and stopped to look at an old lighthouse boat that was now a museum item. I ran (well, walked swiftly) with my babies and had a grand ol' time. We were wet and cold, but had a good time!!

So this morning, dh and I pulled together the breakfast items for chapel, and now I'm just getting going. One baby has had a bath, three to go. Church is tonight with the Kidz programming and my Ladies Bible Study (with a totally different group of ladies). The weather is nice again, yet I am without a car, so maybe we'll just get out for a quick walk around the neighborhood.

*oh, and the weight thing, I'm just maintaining thus far this week. It's all of Paula's recipes I'm telling you! So I'm back to being VERY strict again. It worked last week, it'll work again. I feel so good when I'm losing weight - it's so worth it!

Have a great Wednesday
*Michigan Momma*

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