Monday, March 26, 2007

Two Updates

Update #1.
I WON! Well, this week anyways. I lost 13 pounds this past week - before anyone starts freaking out, remember that I have A LOT to lose and the first week is a bunch of water weight. Not to mention I have a nursing baby sucking calories out of me and I always manage to lose my "baby weight" fairly quickly (its all the *rest* of the weight I have a problem with).

Dh did great this week as well - he lost 5 (I think) so that means I beat him by 8 pounds. We still haven't come up with proper weekly/monthly rewards, but I'll make up a spreadsheet or something and keep track until we do.

Also, Sat. & Sun. we went out to eat (twice) - going on a double date with dh's bro and then out with family after church on Sun. So I feel like I've gained back 5! But I will perservere (sp?) because pounds GAINED go towards the *other* person's points (so Dean would get those points from me if I gained 2 pounds). Don't want THAT to happen!!

Update #2.
If you could only see my kiddos faces. Since I haven't taken pics, let me just explain and we'll see about taking pics later.
*Isaac: he's been sick with a runny nose. Yet he *insists* he is a big boy and wants to wipe his own nose, thank you very much. This results in snot being wiped under his nose and across his cheek. He then gets chapped skin from the wet, snottiness. So he's got a huge chapped-skin mark from under his nose all the way across his cheek. attractive.
*Tali: We went out for ice cream last night after church and Tali fell down just one (fairly steep) step. She landed on her face (as she always does) and busted up her top lip. Today it is nice and swollen. pretty.
*Elijah: Elijah has hit that stage of newborn life when his skin is reacting to this new world he is living in. He basically has baby acne of one kind or another all over his face (and tummy and a bit on his arms). He's my wonderful, adorable son - just with a bad case of baby-zits!

I think Selah is the only one who looks fairly normal right now. And I have yet to do her hair today - since it was in braids yesterday, it's a frizzy mess.

*sigh* my poor children. It's a good thing we're just staying home today.

There ya go - time to go nurse my zitty baby, then it's laundry time. Then I need to attack the shed in the back yard so I can clear out some stuff from our over-packed garage.
'Til later~
*Michigan Momma*

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Is it like, totally okay that we have NOTHING IN COMMON (well...we're both saved!) as far as age/kids' upbringing/kids' ages..but gotta tell you- your humor is what impels me (yes! I said 'impels') to comment. You are bookmarked. Come on over to and if you're so inclined, let me know if I can link ya. I have comment moderation (built in by wordpress these days). Leeann the citychick reader