Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Sunday morning, as I am scrambling to get myself and four little ones ready for church, my oldest son appears in my bathroom doorway. "Momma, I can't do this button. It's too high (top button). Can you help me?". "Of course, honey, come here" I answered.

As I am doing his top two buttons, he watches me carefully. Just as I am finishing up, ready to let him try the bottom three buttons, he says, "Momma, you have beautiful hands".

Simple as that. He is such a wonderful little boy.

And the truth of the matter is, in the world's eyes, my hands are *anything* but beautiful. I have sorta short, chubby, kinda stubby fingers, with nails that have a tendancy to break easily. Not all that "beautiful". But in my sons eyes, my hands are beautiful.

Isn't that wonderful?

*Michigan Momma*

(Talitha in Momma's hand at one month old)


Tess said...


This is an example of how our Isaac's mind has not been corrupted by the worldly view of what's beautiful.
When he sees his Mama's hands he sees love, tenderness, a safe place to be and a rescue from what is too hard to tackle.
Lets pray that we can keep this childlike/Godlike view formost in his mind...and in ours.


Holly said...

Yes - you DO have beautiful hands! And you have four little treasures living in your house who notice! :)

What a blessing to have a little boy who notices such things! :)