Tuesday, April 17, 2007

maybe just a little more sleep...

I've been trying *really* hard to get enough rest. I *try* to get to bed no later than 11pm. What's better is to nurse baby between 9-10pm and then leave him with my dh while I get right to sleep. I feel comfortable knowing dh is taking care of little man until he falls asleep - I don't have to worry about Elijah fussing or not falling asleep right away - instead *I* can fall asleep right away.

Anyways, I didn't get to bed until about midnight last night, but I didn't think that was TOO bad. But this morning, maybe 7am or so, I semi-woke up to find little Elijah snuggled up in my arms and sweet Tali snuggled up against my back. I neither remember bringing baby into bed with me nor feeling Tali climb up into our king bed. I gave a slight shrug and fell right back asleep. Dh had to forceable wake me up at almost 8:30 so I wouldn't miss my Women's Bible study this morning.

I love our king bed....
*Michigan Momma*

p.s. I now have all the kid's clothing organized - I went through numerous bins to put aways too-small clothing, get out the next size and I'm still working on the laundry. I know I washed all the clothes before storing them but still - it's been five years since we've been in the 3-6 months BOYS bin. I just needed to re-wash some stuff. It's so fun to go through all the clothes and think about my older children when they wore these little outfits. *nostalgic sigh*

(Isaac at almost 2yo)

(Isaac at 5 1/2 yo)

(Selah at 6 months)

(Selah at 4yo)

My house needs a major cleaning job before my folks come for a visit this weekend. But they aren't coming until Friday. I'm afraid if I clean too early, it'll just need another good cleaning before then. So I'm procrastinating. With a fairly good reason though. right?!?? (just smile and nod and no one will get hurt) Later *MM*


Dad said...


Mom and I are not coming to see a perfectly clean house. We just want to see you and the kids and your wonderful home.

Dad said...

And of course your wonderful dh.

Love you all.

Shari said...

Don't believe a word dad says. He told me he wants your house to look immaculate and will expect nothing less. He's bringing his white gloves!

After he sees my house, I'm sure your house will look perfect! If you ever have the desire to sort through more clothes, just let me know!

Little Sis