Wednesday, April 11, 2007

In the Raw


Ugh. I have been so sick. My poor body has been sleep-deprived and I have been emotionally overwhelmed due to that (among other things: lack of consistant child-training as one example). My body has been unable to fight off sickness and I have been feeling quite bad since the birth of our precious Elijah.

I know my eating habits have played a HUGE part in this. Eating most of a batch of PB chocolate chip cookies is not helping my body (even though it seems to help my emotional state-of-being at 2am in the morning). I have read and read and read about the health benefits of adding more fruits & veggies in your diet. I have also recently read about the benefits of adding these foods RAW. So that's my latest goal. To improve my health. One of the ways I intend to do this is by adding in as much raw fruits and veggies (emphasis on veggies) as possible into my diet.

This means a change in the way I buy groceries too. I will need to head to the store once a week, which is not something I normally do at all. That's part of the reason we don't eat produce very much - we usually buy in bulk and you really can't do that with produce - or you waste too much (which is what we normally did).

So I'm going to try to head out to the store once a week at the same time each week. I wonder if this will lower or raise our food bill? I bet if I was REPLACING the junk I normally eat with fresh produce, it will ultimately be less. If I am making meals for the family, but I am making less of it (and instead eating a big ol' salad), then the cost will go down. Or at least stay the same. Anything that increases the output of money will NOT go over well with my dh. It's not that he's against being healthy, he's just against spending ANY more money. We are at our limit and in fact we need to cut back where possible.

I also know, in reality, that my health is super-important. I can't be the wife, mother and homemaker I need to be in such poor health. My dh also realises this (as he had to take care of EVERYTHING for like a week recently as I was so sick) and I know he will do everything he can to help me out in this area! Such a sweetie!!

Ok, so your imput is desired. What types of fruits & veggies should I start with this week? What will help with the switch? What will help boost my immune system? What will give me energy? What will help me fight off future infections?

I also don't have any special equipment to do this. No juicer, no Vita-Mixer thingy, no super-blender (I don't even own a blender). I have a decent food processor, which is what I usually use to make smoothies and such. I have a set of decent knives and a cutting board. I also have a determination to improve my health and take (better) care of this body the Lord has blessed me with. I need it to take better care of my dh, my babies, my home and myself - plus others in our life. I'd better get to it...

So go ahead, comment. Let me know what has worked for you, how you improve your health, any tips or ideas about this raw-thing (or any other ideas). Thanks y'all~

*Michigan Momma*


Anonymous said...

We also go shopping once a week. We get paid on Sundays, so off we go to Aldis on Monday. It's been Aldis lately, things have been so tight. Even there, though, they have a 'healthy brand'- Fit and Active. I always, always, always start my day off right away with an orange. I think that has kept me very healthy this pregnancy. And orange a day keeps the doctor away, I think! I always buy apples. They are cheap, and my kids love them. I like them with peanut butter. Bananas are a must. On Monday, my fruit bowl is brimming with oranges, apples, and bananas. By Saturday, we have pretty much eaten it all. Another thing I do is buy the packed salads. It's not as healthy as buying the lettuce, (the dark, green, leafy kind) and doing it yourself, but because of time constraints, I will actually *eat* it if I just have to take it out of the bag and rinse it. You can buy Ceaser salad mixes that have lot of dark greens in them. The iceburg lettuce really has no nutritional value at all. The darker the green, the better. That's just some of what I do! And I know what you are saying about lack of consistency about child training. We have been buckling down on our kids, because I know I won't be able to handle monsters once number four gets here! Hang in there- Cassandra
It's A Wonderful Life

Ken said...


A friend of mine has been pressing to get me to try this way of eating. It's kind of extreme but she swears by it. Last I knew she had lost 10 pounds in 10 days and was feeling MUCH better. Just felt better and thought she was much more in tune with her senses. Look at the website when you have a few minutes.

Take care and tell all I say hello!