Monday, April 9, 2007

Elijah Rock

I have been told that I have not posted enough pics of little man recently. In my defense, I have been completely laid up, TOTALLY sick. I personally think it has to do with my body just being worn down a bit. I haven't been sleeping all that great (which is totally expected at this stage of newborn-ness), but added to that, I haven't been eating all that great. Just too much junk. All that combined, with stress and such...ugh, my body is just tired and not fighting ANYTHING off.
Ok, enough complaining. Here are some cute pics:

Elijah on Easter Sunday

Just hangin' out with Momma in bed

Properly representing *the Team* - Go Bucks!!

Elijah's "Old Man" hair

Selah had hair like this as an infant too - just the hair on the TOP of their heads fell out. Selah's was *much* more dramatic - after one bath, as I was towel drying her hair, BAMB!! no more hair! With Elijah it was more gradual...just one day I noticed, hey, he doesn't have any hair on the top of his head anymore. Ok.

And I don't know if you can tell, but it is still an auburn color. Of course, we'll see what color starts to grow on TOP of his head next.

And I couldn't resist, here's some pics of the other little ones too:

Here's Isaac - can you tell he got a haircut?? (his hair grows REALLY slow....)

Isaac & Selah on Easter. My other two babies stayed home with sick Momma

My newest "challenge" at home - what a cutie!!

Talitha truly has become my biggest challenge. She is just starting to really push the limits, seeing if Momma is *really* gonna enforce the rules or not. I am learning to be super-diligent with her and I know this will pay off (sooner or later, right? RIGHT?!?!)

and one "Blast from the Past" - my baptism. It was in a local lake. My dad just scanned this into his computer recently and sent it to me. Thanks dad!
Ok, time for bed. Yikes 10:30pm! When did that happen? BEDTIME!
*Michigan Momma*


Tess said...

Thanks sweetie for the pics. I can't get over how much Elijah has changed. I have a hard time telling which of the other kids he favors. I think his facial features look a lot like Dean's, but I think he may have your eyes. I can't wait to get ahold of him!!
My other babies are totally adorable as well. Selah looks so sweet in her Easter dress and Isaac looks too grown up!
And what do you mean Tali is your challenge, my sweet must be mistaken. (HA,HA)


Anonymous said...

What adorable pictures!

Lori, I hear you. I've been sick since #4 was born. And my others are testing the limits too- I think I need to do some tomato staking. :)

Shari said...

Wow, Elijah is HUGE! He's also a complete xerox copy of you! I can't wait until I can see him (and everyone else, of course) again. Tell him to stop growing so fast!

Anonymous said...

What cutie pie! Thanks for sharing pics of all your children. You have a lovely family!