Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lizzie's Blankie

Now, I know what you're thinking: Who's Lizzie?

Well, Lizzie is Talitha Elizabeth's favorite little dollie. She is technically a Cabbage Patch baby, but Tali doesn't know or care about that. She just likes to carry her around by her tuft of red hair and look at her blue eyes - both features that Tali has as well.

Ok, so, anyways, my mom had made up a very beautiful "angel" blankie for one of Selah's dollies. It was pink and had the design of an angel on it. Selah loves to wrap up her dolly, aptly named "Dolly", and carry her around ever so carefully. Tali was a tad bit jealous, so mom decided to whip up a quick blankie for her dolly as well.

Mom decided on a "mile a minute" type of pattern - using multiple yarns and a HUGE hook. She says it kinda looks like a rag rug at first, but it's actually quite functional. Take a look:

Picture #1: Laying flat (it does kind of look like a rug)

Picture #2: Lizzie laying at the top of the blankie (notice the yarn string)

Picture #3: Pull up the bottom portion and wrap it around the dolly (string still on top)

Picture #4: Pull sides together and tie yarn string into a big bow

Picture #5: Lizzie all snug in her new blankie (and Tali is now ever so happy!!)

Cute, huh?? Maybe she should market 'em....

*Michigan Momma*

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Julie said...

Thats adorable. She should so market those.