Sunday, April 29, 2007

skirts, skirts, skirts

I have my first skirt all finished. It was the super easy one, no pattern, just took my measurements and cut out two panels, front and back to make an A-line skirts - just below the knee. It turned out just great! I was impressed with myself - and it has given me the motivation and confidence to tackle the next few skirts.

These next few skirts will be more difficult and more time consuming. I've got to make up some wax paper patterns (from the paper pattern adjusted to *my* measurements), then figure out how to place them on the fabric I have (probably won't be able to place it just like the directions tell you to), then sew and iron and sew and iron and some more ironing (why does it seem as though sewing is half ironing???).

Ok, so the first skirt I will be sewing will be the shorter green one (read: the easiest looking one). I will then move onto the shorter yellow one. If that goes okay, I will try one of the top skirts, the asymetrical ones (not the longer ones). There ya go. I'll let ya know how these patterns work for me. I'm not sure how I'll have to change them, if any. All of them use a simple elastic waist, so they should be pretty forgiving.
Check back in a week, and we'll see where I am...
*Michigan Momma*


becominglikehim said...

way to go...i hate sewing...i have alot of respect for those who take part in the craft.

i'm not revealing my identity on line as of right now...i'm still working through some things

i will get in touch another way for the personal info
happy sewing!!!!

Shari said...

Ironing? Ugh. Another reason I don't sew. I was just thinking about buying a sewing machine (eventually) to learn some basics but I was just turned off of that idea.