Thursday, May 24, 2007

Camera case

I keep forgetting to grab my camera as I head out the door.


I get all our stuff together, diaper bag, snacks & drinks, blanket, sunscreen, towels, sand toys, etc.etc.etc. and I just keep forgetting the camera. Argh!

So we've been to the beach three days in a row and I have no pictures to share with y'all. Not only that, but I have no pictures for my own enjoyment. The kiddos are lovin' the beach, lovin' the many boats and barges that head by - and I need some photo memories!

Anyways, this Sat. we are headed to Feast of the St. Clair - lots of historic costumes, with those people doing historically accurate demonstrations, things to buy, lots of food & drink, etc. I'm looking forward to it. I love that kind of stuff.

Then we are getting together with some friends for grilling. It is the youth pastor and his family and for some reason it's just been hard to get times when *both* of our dh's are available. They live in a small duplex (belongs to the church) and we are thinking we might be moving close to them in Jan. Our current house is great, but a bit expensive. Now that we know the area a bit more, hopefully we will be able to find something a bit less expensive in town - that is still nice and big enough for our family. I'm looking forward to learning how she manages her family in that small house (they have 3 daughters). Also, they live within walking distance of the church, which helps if you only have 1 car.

Then on Monday, we will go to the Memorial day parade here in town. Just the regular ol' family fun stuff.

If nothing else, we'll hit the beach again. I can't say it enough, the lake here is gorgeous! Today we saw an older gentleman just chillin' on the beach, enjoying the sun, the breeze, all the boats going by - just relaxing. It just brought my father to mind. I think he would really enjoy that. I hope he is able to move here soon! We have to wait for him to retire first, but then I hope he gets his time relaxing on the beach too!! I'm actually kinda hoping we can do some type of inter-generational living arrangement at that time. Maybe a duplex or something. To help each other share the cost of living (with each of us still having our own space) with the bonus of being there for one another, having the kids really know their grandparents, etc. Who knows, we still have a few years before that would happen...

Ok, now I'm just rambling. I probably won't be able to blog until next week - but hopefully I'll have lots of stuff to blog about then!

I'm off to enjoy our newly fixed air contitioning, sew for a bit, then perhaps enjoy the evening outside until dusk. Everyone have a great Memorial Day weekend!!

~lovin' this Michigan weather~
*Michigan Momma*


Tess said...


Mema & Papa want pictures!

Dad said...

I love you too Princess. And I know that I would love the beach too. Especially with the G-Kids.

See you all soon!!!!!