Saturday, May 26, 2007


We have been gently explaining to our children recently about certain "private" areas of their body, how certain areas are to be covered by clothing, why the girls wear bloomers under their dresses, what to say/do if anyone tried anything, etc.

While this is a necessary part of parenting, it sometimes comes back to bite 'ya....

I was sewing up a skirt. It was coming together so quickly, and looked so cute, I decided to wear it out with my friends to dinner that evening. So there I am, looking in the mirror, making sure the length is good, the elastic is the correct size, etc. I slip the skirt off and run to my sewing machine, just to sew the elastic together - one last step.

While I'm sitting there at my machine, I suddenly hear my little Selah let out a big ol' sigh. I look over at her. She has her hands on her hips, with a (cute) frustrated tilt to her head, looking at me.

"Momma!" *another large sigh* "Panties are PRIVATE!"

What could I say? Panties *are* private. Come on, Momma.....
*Michigan Momma*


Tess said...

We miss you.

Mom & Dad

Qtpies7 said...

LOL, thats great! Kids are so funny!
We recently had a modesty talk at our house, it should be on the front page of my blog. Friday night funny or something like that.