Wednesday, May 9, 2007

once again

Things just get crazy around here - real fast!!

My dh was gone for two weeks to seminary classes in MN. My mother came for a week, then my mil was here for a few days. My son took the train back to IN with my mother - to have a fun week with his grandparents - and I just got back from picking him up. My house is...well...a bit disordered. I have laundry piling up, dishes in the sink, babies to bathe and you understand why I just can't blog today.

I do have lots to type about though, so stay tuned. Lots of fun stuff to come...

Glad to be at home with my babies and once again, my handsome dh!
*Michigan Momma*

**one quick shout out to Bethgem from BW board. YOU ROCK!! Thanks for the fabric in addition to the other item. What an unexpected gift and it just made my day!! ~Lori


Shari said...

Praying for Elijah.


Anonymous said...

I went to go respond to your email, and then realized that it had been deleted! Aurgh! I had gotten to briefly skim over it, (after a long day of piano lessons) and planned on responding this week. Last week was- in one word- Crazy. I can't seem to find your email adress, either. If you could just resend it, that would be great. Thanks!