Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Quick CRUNCHY Quiz


Here's a quick quiz to test your "crunchiness".

Just so you know, I scored a 52 at this season in life. That's "sprinkled with granola" I think. I know I've been crunchier in the past and also LESS crunchier in the past. I guess it just ebbs and flows, just like Janel talks about on this blog (where I got the quiz link).

Just a fun little quiz! Enjoy!
*Michigan Momma*


Shari said...

I'm a 43, which is a bit higher than I thought I would be. I doubt I'll ever be much more though.

Julie said...

I am a 60 at this season in life. A lot had to do with the fact I have never had my own baby. I want to be at a place where I can eat more organically, but housing and budget and too many small children wise, Im just not at that place yet. LOL

Primal Mom said...

My Primal Mommies mothering group does this quiz every June. Only we call it "how primal are you" .

My answer: I top out every year. I'm WAY more crunchy than that test can show LOL

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