Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lake Huron

So beautiful!!

And so clean. I can't believe how absolutely clean and sparkling this lake is. I grew up around Lake Michigan on the west side of MI - I remember it being pretty clean too. But then my folks moved to northwest IN - and the lake we went to was in view of the steel mills. Gross. There were always these warnings telling us when we could and couldn't go into the water due to bacteria (I think) and icky stuff in the water. Just not nice.

But here, right by MI and Cananda, the water is gorgeous. So the kids and I went to the beach today. I wasn't thinking we would go to the beach, just a park. But one of the great parks around here in right next to the beach. So we ended up at the beach.

Ahhh...just beautiful!!

But I do need a beach umbrella.

I did manage to grab a large blanket and some basic picnic food items so we had an impromptu (sp?) beach picnic while the kids splashed at the water's edge. I think tomorrow I will have them wear their suits so then will feel more comfortable getting wet. And I think I'll hit the local Wal-Mart for a cheap-o umbrella. The weather was just perfect and I think we're having a repeat day tomorrow. We an umbrella and some high spf sunscreen (I forgot today, so we couldn't stay that long), we will have a great day at the beach again tomorrow.

I also grabbed a vacation guide magazine from a local store the other day and found a bike/walking trail not far from here. The kids and I will be heading that way today after quiet time today. With the double stroller, I should get a good workout, plus the older two will get all worn-out on their bikes (bonus!).

I am also *in love* with the newest shorter skirt I sewed recently. I pulled out three more fabrics from my stash. They aren't the most stylish of materials, but I think they might work. The skirts are definitely comfy and with a simple white shirt, I just feel great!! My weight loss is officially 18 lbs this last 2 weeks. GREAT!! I'm sure that has lots to do with my fabulous attitude!!

Now I just need to focus some of this extra energy on cleaning my house. Nothing is all that bad, but ya know, things need some deep cleaning (bathrooms, dusting, etc.) I am doing fine on keeping up with laundry, dishes, vacuuming, decluttering, but the rest.....well, it's not all that important when you can visit GORGEOUS Lake Huron every single day!!

Lots of love to you, readers!! My great mood is spilling over today!!
*Michigan Momma*


Dad said...


The lake is really beautiful. And the air smells so wonderful. I remember you and your sis going swimming in March at the lake!!

Have fun everday and laugh alot.

Love ya

Julie said...

Hey girl. Sounds like fun. We have been having a great spring in FL, except for the fact we need rain. Usually by this time of year you can barely walk outside, but there has been this great breeze this month. The kids and I are soaking it all up, because I know soon we will not be venturing anywhere near outside during the day. LOL.