Thursday, May 31, 2007

Selective Reduction (aka: murder)

It is horrible to read. But it *is* happening and we can't simply cover our eyes and hope it goes away.

The Revenge of Conscience

And, as a Christian, you have to think this through even further. Some Christians "freeze" their embryos, so as not to have too many inserted at one time. Then what? What happens to those frozen embryos? Is it a life? Do you believe life begins at conception? Eventually, if no one uses them, what happens? You feel okay with the fact that as long as they are frozen, it's okay?

And are we really to take things this far? Is it okay to do this type of medical procedure if only one, two, or three embryos are used - since you would be willing to carry this many babies at once? But what of the cost? Most couples would try to get as many embryos as possible - I mean, come on, this stuff is EXPENSIVE! At what point do we say, "ok, God, for His own reasons, doesn't want us to have our own biological children. Now what? Do we adopt? Do we foster? Or do we remain childless?"

I don't have the answers for all of these questions. I can only work out what MY answers would be. I can read the Bible and find TRUTH answers based on God's Word. There IS a right and wrong here. If you read the above article, even the lesbian who is vehemently pro-choice KNEW what she was doing was wrong. One woman hid under the sheets, trying NOT to see the baby on the screen she was about to kill.

As we try to HELP people, is it really worth KILLING others? At what point are we helping and at what point do we cross over into playing god??

What do YOU think? Where do we draw the line? Where have we already crossed over the line? What do you believe God's Word says on this issue? We can't simply ignore this issue any's out there, it's happening and babies are dying.

~overwhelmed with grief, anger, frustration & sadness~
*Michigan Momma*

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Holly said...

I read Dr. Mohler's blog and all of the provided links. I forwarded them all to my husband at work.

Yes. Yes to what you said. Amen, too.

We've gone way too far. I don't see anyway to put it all back in the "bottle," either. Only prayer, and speaking out when we can.