Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Two things....

Okay, #1:

See the cute little Momma down on my sidebar? The WeeWorld Michigan Momma? How cute is she?? I got the idea and link from Jen (she's in my favorite blogs). I'm having fun updating her here and there. Take a peak.


Just got in from mowing about 3/4 of our lawn. I'm sitting here, drinking my lunch (part of my diet which is going great!) and I get an "itchy". I itch it (upper part of my shoulder, right by the bra strap). Hmmm...what is *that*? SMACK!! Hmmm.....what was *that*? Do a little shake.....

out comes the big ol' BUG!!


I really hate bugs.

I need to fix the kids a late lunch, but now I *really* need a shower.

*completely grossed out Michigan Momma*

He was still moving....gross.

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