Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ticker up there ^^

Ok, so I just want to state that it really takes guts (and a desperate need for accountability) for someone to post their weight on a public blog.

But since I am really READY to lose all this extra weight - I decided this was a good a place as any to let people know how things are going.

Just a bit of history: I have almost always been overweight - a chubby kid, to say the least. I was this weight when I married. I always return to about this weight after each pregnancy.

I have not had weight-related health issues (yet). No high bp, no diabetes (even while pg), no hurting knees, back, joints, etc. I don't have trouble playing with my kids, getting up and down off the floor, or doing any other physical activities. It seems I'm quite strong and the doctor's charts have always said "healthy, obese female" (kind of an oxymoron, no?). But I'm smart enough to know what's coming....

I also am dealing with the recent conviction that this is gluttony. This is *not* a measely 10 extra lbs. This is not the testimony I want people to see. And this *is* what people first notice about me. Sure, there's lots more to me than my weight - but hey, it's human nature - it's the first thing people notice.

So there ya go. I'm done. I'm tired of it.

I will be updating my ticker at least once a week, on Tuesdays. I've been doing this for four weeks now. I've lost 30 lbs and I feel great!! Who knows if my goal weight is feasible or reasonable? I've never been that low. How exciting!!

~So be kind, okay?~
*Michigan Momma*


Anonymous said...

I think you are indeed brave! So I will cheer you on, and I think you will inspire me. I won't mention my weight stats (before babies, during babies, and now 7 months post baby #3). During my 3rd pregnancy, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes which was a real wake up call as I also have some of the pre-diabetes signs (like hypoglycemia, etc.). The dietetic counselor advised me to lose my post-baby weight ASAP in order to avoid possible diabetes later in life. I've lost 40 lbs. but I have 10 lbs. to go.

I was able to lose the 40 lbs. without exercise, but this last 10 lbs. will require exercise. Finding time is not easy.

Last week, I happened to be out shopping and observed the many overweight, obese people around me. Many of them were having trouble just walking into the store. And I thought that it is a sin to allow one's self to become unhealthy in this way. . . it hinders us from ministering to others (specifically to others who REALLY have health problems and needs).

I've been motivated more lately by the thought that I am a boon to Christ if I am prepared spiritually, mentally AND PHYSICALLY.

I'll be cheering you on!

*MichiganMomma* said...

Thank you anonymous!!

It really *is* sad to see how many people are very overweight - not just pleasantly plump - we're talking fat! And they look as though it hurts them just to MOVE! PTL, I do not feel like this (yet), and I pray I can do something about this before it happens to me too!

The last thing I want is to make excuses. No excuses! Just eat less, move more. Back to mowing the lawn....

thanks again~

Anneatheart said...

Hey Lori,

Wow you ARE brave to put your weight up there. I'm just curious as to what exactly your weightloss plan is. When it was just me and dh I started eating 70% raw fruits/veggies and properly combined my meals. I lost close to 40lbs. (which put me at around 180lbs and size 14) That's the smallest I've ever been. With each child it's just gotten bigger. Now, for some reason I'm down to 225, when for the past two years it's been stuck on 240 regardless of what I did. I have been eating a lot more raw foods this week- that diet I did before is so hard to do with children. Sorry to ramble, just curious.


Ken said...

SO proud of you sis!!!!

I'm down to 341 (from 452) as of last Sunday. Back on the right track.

Shari said...

You are doing so well. I wish we were closer so I could share in your enthusiasm and determination. I am so struggling and it's wearing on me.

Vicky said...

I commend your bravery and honesty. :) That definitely counts for something! Not to mention your chutzpah - way to go! What an example you are setting for your kids - eat healthy and exercise (having fun!) as a family. I want to check back and cheer you on - you CAN do it!