Thursday, June 7, 2007


Let me just start off by saying that I'm not sold on psychology. I have a bad taste in my mouth about analyzing anything too much. I'm not one to sit down and really find out the "meaning" behind everything, blaming it all on my mother or childhood, or taking drugs for every little problem. That's just not me. But...

I do recognize that God *did* create us with different personalities. There *are* childhood factors that influence who we are today. There *are* certain "in-born" qualities - which I believe are all GOOD (we don't always use them for GOOD, but I believe God don't make no mistakes).

So anyways, while visiting Jess's site - Making Home, I decided to take her recommended, on-line, personality test. Just to see. Just to be able to follow along with her as she blogs about this.

I've taken tests like this before. You pretty much have to when you are a pastor's wife (I guess they want to make sure he didn't marry a wack-o). I've always pretty much agreed with what their answers were. Except this time.

I just don't like the wording, I guess. Aggressive? That makes it sound like I FORCE people to "be the best they can be". For goodness sake's, I sound like an ad for the Army. But I've taken the test like six times. I've really thought about my answers (as compared to the first time I took it, when I barely gave myself time to think) - and it all turned out the same.

Persuader. can I use this for God's glory?? If this is true about me, how can I use what the good Lord has given me and make it godly? Use it to further God's kingdom?

I'll have to continue to think on this (but you know, not *too* much)...

plus, I really just wanted to be one of those free-spirited, fun, innovative, crazy-type of mommas. *sigh* I'm just too organized for that, I guess....bummer...

*Michigan Momma*

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Jess said...

Hey I think ENFJ's are GREAT! My very best friend in the whole world (besides Jesus & my hubby) is an ENFJ, and my oldest son is an ENFJ. I think ENFJs are some of the strongest relational people in the world, and that they can see the broad themes and connections (N) in relationships and with people (F) that the rest of us miss. Plus they're (E) outgoing enough to communicate about those things and organized enough (J) to keep track of it all.

I hope you're not too down about it... being an ENFJ is an excellent thing, in my view. Hope you'll come back and join the conversations more as we examine each "letter".

Jess @ Making Home