Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Boat Race

Here's what has our attention this week...BOAT WEEK!

Now, neither one of us has been sailing (well, unless you count those dinky little sail boats at camp when I was in elementary school ~ I always preferred the canoes anyway) so why does this capture our attention??

Mainly, because it is *huge* around here and we like to see what our community has to offer. We really enjoy finding the "local" spots and activities ~ all those obscure festivals and parades.

So tonight we're watching a parade, tomorrow is some sort of "family night" downtown, Friday night....well, we've been warned it's just a bunch of drunk folk downtown, then the boat launch Sat. morning. The boats don't actually "launch" until they are about a mile out from shore and a mile out from the river ~ so we're trying a new spot (new beach) to see if we can get a good vantage point. We'll see...

So BECKY, be jealous!! (btw, we stopped by The Courts while in Valpo looking for you, but you had already left ~ sorry we missed you)

~learning more each day about this Michigan life of mine~
*Michigan Momma*

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