Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My *other* baby

My *other* baby has been in the shop. Well, she's been in the shop just for the last few days ~ before that, she was on a shelf. I put her up there l o n g ago when I had my first baby. Every now and then I would think about her, I might even pull her down, dust her off for a bit ~ but due to time restraints, back on the shelf she went.


I miss her.

So when I was asked to play at our denomination's camp meeting thingy (descriptive, eh?), I jumped at the chance. It isn't a solo (the Lord had His hand in THAT one - my chops are gone!!), just playing with the band. I'm excited!

Just being in that music store brought it all back. I really do enjoy playing clarinet. And I'm good at it. Well, I *used* to be good at it. It's not something I'm willing to give up quite yet.

It's gonna take some figurin' out ~ how to fit her in my days. My four REAL babies come first, but my *other* baby, she's a part of me too. I would *love* for my real babies to someday pick up an instrument. I would love for them to see me practicing, really enjoying it.

Ok, enough, storm's about to hit ~yikes!!
*Michigan Momma*

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