Thursday, July 12, 2007

differences in children

They are *so* different!

For example, the other day, after losing power during a storm, daddy arrives home and decides we all need to go out for pizza. While there, darling Tali (2yo) spills her water. She looks at her daddy, who had let out a frustrated mini-sigh, and says "it awwight" [translated: it's alright]. I wish you could just hear her sweet little voice...."it awwight" she says so calmly and in such a mature way. No problem, Daddy, don't stress, it's alright.

One minute later, our breadsticks, yummy, garlic-y, melted-buttery, breadsticks arrive. Tali dives right in with her hands. Isaac (my oldest - 5yo) looks at his plate. Then he looks at me. "Momma?", "yes dear", "How am I supposed to eat this?" confusion - on my side. "well, hon, you just pick it up with your fingers and eat it" I say as I demonstrate heartily.

Again, Isaac looks at his plate. I can see him contemplating just picking up the drippy breadstick and taking a big ol' bite. Understanding is dawning on me. He looks up at me with a smile,

"Noooooooo" he smiles, "my fingers will get all yucky".

"yes, son, but then you'll just wipe them off with your napkin"

"Noooooooo" he still smiles at me - he wiggles his pristine fingers my direction.

"alright, son, well, we could cut up your breadstick and you could eat it with your fork??!"

"YEAH! That's a *GREAT* idea Momma! Let's do that!"

So I cut up his breadstick (and two more after that), smiling at the drastic differences in my children. I also tell his father, in no uncertain terms...

"This boy is learning how to cut his own food when he turns 6!"

*Michigan Momma*

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