Wednesday, July 11, 2007


My kids have this toy. I got it from another mom, whose kids had outgrown it. Everyone has tried one of these, right?! You sit down, pull with all your might and spin yourself around and around and around....

This is my life.

No seriously, that's what I feel like lately. I'm pulling and pulling and pulling....yet when I look around, I haven't gotten ANYWHERE! I'm still sitting in the same spot ~ and to top it off, now I'm sweating!

I know, I know, haven't we been here before? Recently? Michigan Momma, haven't you told us before about your need for structure, for a plan, for something besides spinning??

Yes, and yes, and yes!!

I keep thinking, 'well, as soon as we get past such-and-such' or 'as soon as we start school' or 'as soon as we move (again)' or whatever......what I'm beginning to realize (finally) is that THIS is my life! THIS is my family's life. I keep waiting for *normal* to happen - but I think this *IS* normal.

[please ignore the frantic screaming....I'm still adjusting to this fact]

So today - NOW - I begin in prayer. Then ACTION. What good are words (typed or spoken) without action? I can't just wander around day to day, waiting for my "normal" life to begin. This is it.

And lest anyone be confused - my life is good. Very good! I honestly think I was confused. Confused about what needed to happen for life to be NORMAL. I mean, come on, no one (well, hardly anyone, right Cassandra?) has this many little ones - all at once. Heck, *this* is normal. I'm going to start lovin' it!! instead of trying to look beyond it....

~in love~
*Michigan Momma*

p.s. if you don't understand this post, that's okay. I guess it's mostly for me, anyway. Someone recently told me I blog for my own sake, to reflect, introspection into my own life. So if you don't *quite* get it...that's okay. Just smile and nod, "okay, Lori, whatever". ~MM~


becominglikehim said...

Girl, I been bloggin' the same stuff. I posted a link in my sidebar that I rediscovered. (Originally Holly directed me to something similar, I just wasn't ready for it yet). I think I called "gettin' it all together or something like that...I can't remember what i labeled it duh. Anyway, I only have two kids and I feel the same way 'cause I just don't have a plan!

Shari said...

Hey, at least your normal ain't boring!

Anneatheart said...

Hey girl!

I know exactly what you are feeling. I did the same things, 'when Sarah gets bigger, when Leiah can talk, when Alexa settles down more, after we move...' But I found that after these events occurred, it was still chaotic. Things were a bit easier, but not the magic cure-all.

Plus, I was tired of waiting around for life to normalize so I could get my act together. I made myself create routines, schedules etc. and have been making myself stick to it 90% of the time. And I've been asking God to help through this rough time. (if you go to my blog and read about my oldest daughter you'll know what I mean)

Anyways, amazingly it's going pretty well. The only thing I'm not happy with is me not really losing weight yet, but it'll happen eventually.

Just keep at it!

Julie said...

Lori girl! Sometimes it helps to just get it all written down. I have about three notebooks and a blog where I just write the thoughts in my head.
It is hard with so many littles running around. Its also hard if we have a "perfectionist" attitude. For me all things have to align together perfectly. I have to have scissors, glue, magazines, printer ink, and the right books to read to do preschool with my littlest ones. WHAT?? Im trying to come out of that as well. LOL