Thursday, August 23, 2007

My baby is SIX

Ok, just *when* did *that* happen??

We had a fairly calm day. We stayed at home, mostly indoors due to the weather. We watched whatever movies Isaac wanted to watch (The Fantastic Four - twice), I still only allowed him two 30 min. sessions of computer time, we did school (we're sprouting beans & peas - question: Will "split peas" actually sprout anything?), we continued on with Chapter 3 of The Magician's Nephew, we took lots of baths ~ LONG baths, ate Mac-n-Cheese w/ cut up hotdogs mixed in (yum) oh, and POP (bad momma)

and actually found a cake recipe that I could make. With my *very* limited cake-making pantry items.

That was fun. I found a Buttermilk Cake with Carmel Icing - it was a bunt cake (or is it bundt?). Isaac was very excited when he saw the picture next to the recipe - "I get a cake with a HOLE in it?? Cool!". Yes, son, very cool.

We celebrated with some party favors I have leftover from......I don't know when. What was I *thinking*?? Yikes, three young kids with noise makers. In a duplex. A small duplex.


We are officially celebrating Isaac's birthday with our first trip to the Detroit Zoo on Friday ~ cool. How excited am I? I honestly believe I enjoy Zoo trips more than any of the kids. Isaac will be focusing on elephants over the next few days, as those are his favorite zoo animals. He will be taking pictures on his own of the elephants (I might snap a few, just in case) and hopefully we will come up with our very first Elephant Notebook Page(s). Yeah!!

Ok, it's about to storm - our very first one since we have lived in this apartment.
Let's see how this goes.
*Michigan Momma*


Julie said...

Happy Birthday to your little man. My daughter will be six next month. She came to us right after she turned three so Im having the "my baby" sniffles too. LOL

Theresa said...

My baby turned 11 in May .... anyways, you will have a great time at the Detroit Zoo ... it's our 2nd favorite!! Our first favorite is the Toledo Zoo :o)

Tess said...

How adorable are my babies!!!


ps Where's Elijah? He's adorable too.

Thirdtimemomma said...

That is exactly what I said when Natalie turned 6!! Have fun at the Zoo ..We like the Toledo Zoo best when we are in MI> (realations in the detroit area...)