Friday, September 28, 2007

It *is* magic!

Okay, I haven't been to the Hillbilly Housewife's website in a while. Wow ~ have I been missing out! Maybe I didn't fully check it out before, but it just seems as though she has added TONS of wonderful domestic "stuff". I'm giving her "fully tested" first loaf of bread machine recipe as soon as mine is done mixing up Tammy's Challah dough (which I will need to half next time - I think it's just really too much for my machine).

In and amongst the wonderful, frugal recipes - she has Magic Milkshakes. Think Wendy's Frosties. Yum. So I gathered the kids together and told them we were trying a new recipe: Magic Milkshakes. Whoo-hoo!!

So in the food processor (no blender here) went the ingredients. Imagine yourself as a small child. You watch water, some white powder, some ice, some cocoa powder, some oil (ick), etc. go into the processor. You watch it mix FOREVER (two minutes, but you're a small child, remember - that's a long time). Finally you watch your very-excited momma open the lid, squeal in joy, and then make a HUGE mess pouring three cups full of this brown, sorta-chocolate looking thick *stuff* into a cup.

Let's just say my Isaac was less than enthusiastic about trying it.

I finally managed to get him to take the smallest of sips. He moved his tongue around, trying to decipher the taste. A small grin. He takes a bigger sip. He takes a full gulp.

"Hey Momma, these are good. It really *is* magic!!"

Yes, son, it's magic. (or something about oil emulsifying the liquid....whatever....)
*Michigan Momma*


Mary said...

Love those magic milkshakes from hbhw! Oh, and I love your new pic too!

Ken said...

I think we need to have some magic next time I'm in town!


Mary said...

It's October 1st! Can't wait to hear about the big suprise!