Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Well, it's October 2nd..

So what was the big deal of Oct. 1st??

It was actually just a simple guideline I had given myself - that I wouldn't decorate for "fall" until Oct. 1st. That gives me close to 2 months (until Thanksgiving) with these decorations - and that is enough. I love autumn and harvest time, but I also like to change things up fairly often.

Anyways.....come Monday evening, I *still* hadn't decorated our small home. My dh came home and I asked him to please take 2 children and go away. I know, that sounds terrible, but we had a few errands to run anyway, so I just asked him to do them with two children.

He actually agreed no problem (yes, he is wonderful!!). He even took the two most "challenging" children (when it comes to cleaning/decorating) - the girls! When he asked how long I would like them to be gone, I jokingly said "three hours!". He honestly was gone close to that amount of time.

And during that time, I nursed the baby, laid him down for his evening nap, let Isaac play computer WAY too long, and TOTALLY CLEANED MY HOME! No, not everything is perfect, but it is very nice! I tastefully added fall decorations here and there (as much as my small home will allow - that's a new thing I've learned about living in a smaller home - you simply *have* to par down the "clutter").

I also learned that as each child is added to our family, I have to come up with new ways to get things done - or change what it is I want done. While they are all so young (6 and under right now), if that means I ask my wonderful hubby to take the girls on a "date" - so be it.

Remember how I said not everything was perfect. Of course, right?! Well, one of the things I didn't do last night was mop the kitchen floor. I really dislike mopping. Anyways, well that was kindly taken care of this morning by my two year old. Nothing forces you to mop your floors better than your two year old vomitting all over them.



I told my dh last night that I really wanted to get back to our schedule. I wanted the house nice and clean to start off with. I wanted to get to bed early. You know, I wanted things "perfect". (of course, he did laugh pretty hard when I said I wanted to have "normal" days - HA!).

So this morning, come 4am or so - Tali started coming to our room whining. We simply thought she wanted in bed with us. We don't regularly allow our children to sleep in bed with us. So we firmly, but lovingly, took her back to her own bed - oh, I'd say a half a dozen times. Finally, while praying over her head, she coughed, sat up and I *knew*. I pulled her (rather ungraciously) over the side of the bed and grabbed the closest thing I could to "catch" it. (Selah was less than loving as she cried "that's MY jacket".....oh well).

And while my dh is WONDERFUL - yes, WONDERFUL - there are times we all make mistakes. Like feeding the vomitting said 2 year old FRUIT LOOPS in the morning, while your exhausted wife is trying to squeeze in another hour of sleep before you leave for work. So after my WONDERFUL dh left for church this morning, as my baby is whining to be fed, my beautiful baby girl threw up fruit loops all over my feet. Yes, my feet.


Ok, well, that's the vomitting post for today. I don't even have pictures to share with you yet of my clean, freshly-decorated home. Even if I did, I wouldn't want to post them with all the vomit stories.....


I'll get back to you later today (most likely). I hope to post a Kitchen Tip and pictures of my decorations. We'll see how my "normal" day pans out. Ha!

~still in my jammies~
*Michigan Momma*


Sarah said...

I'm feeling for you now. I vehemently despise the stomach flu, but as mothers what do we do?! Luckily, most of the time only my second gets it and he is finally at an age that he usually makes it in a bucket every time. God knows I have a weak stomach...looking forward to seeing pictures of your decor!

Anonymous said...

lol-sorry. I am sure you read my atomic bomb stories about puke all over my home! And yes, I was still in my jammies today at 11, too. We are all finally bathed and dressed for the day, and I'm exhausted. I want a nap. Bad. But alas, no nap for me, so I will just muddle my way through the day exhausted. I am becoming quite accustomed to exhaustion! I don't have fall decorations. If I did, I'd put 'em up! I wish my house was clean right now! ~Cassandra

Mary said...

LOL! So sorry about the vomiting! I hope her tummy settles down soon!

I have had my fall decorations up since Sept 1. Yup, up to 100 degrees here, but there's a pretty orange, red and brown wreath on the door, and a now moldy pumpkin on the porch. I love fall colors and couldn't wait!