Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Connecting the dots...

...between Faithfulness & my healthy diet changes.

God really opened my eyes today - and I wasn't all too thrilled with what I saw.

In a nutshell, my Bible Study this morning was on faithfulness. Faithfulness in regards to sticking with what God places in front of us, until He tells us to let go or move on. Faithfulness in regards to fulfilling a commintment because that's what we said we'd do - and we are HIS light in this world. The world should see us as different than non-Christians.

we should be on time.
we should be reliable.
we should be dependable.
we should be trustworthy.

And basically, I struggle with my "feelings". I don't "feel" like fulfilling my commitment. I don't "feel" like keeping that meeting tonight. I don't "feel" like being uncomfortable or unhappy or stretched - so I simply walk away. It's easier that way.

But that's not God's way. That's not what He would have us do, not what He commands us to do.

And with my diet changes, lifestyle changes, well, I just give up when I "don't like it" anymore. That seems unfair or kinda hard or whatever. I just walk away, give up, compromise, or justify how I can be unfaithful. What kind of witness am I portraying??

NOW ~ we also discussed that God is not attacking us, not condemning us - He wants what is best for us. He wants us to grow in our faithfulness. Grow ~ so yes, mistakes will be made, yet growth will be taking place.

The dots were connected for me today, I saw in my mind's eye my lack of faithfulness and how it has been affecting me in this area (not to mention other areas). Our "feelings" are so worldly, so human, so faulty. I need to stop relying on them so much. Instead, I need to rely on my every-growing relationship with The Faithful One - follow and grow through His example.

This was a biggie for me. I had always blamed my lack of discipline, my lack of will-power. MY power was always lacking (duh). Yet looking at my *faithfulness* is totally different to me. God wants me to grow in faithfulness, He doesn't want me to grow in *my own* power.

prayers are greatly appreciated ~ you are in mine as welll...
*Michigan Momma*

p.s. all this lemon water, green tea and water - I didn't realize a person could pee this much in one day???!!?! HELP!!


becominglikehim said...

Good stuff...really spoke to me...can I link you?

On the water issue.....I always like, despite the fact that it seems I'm alway in the bathroom, the feeling of being "flushed out".

Just don't make any plans in the near future!!

Dean B. said...

The great thing about these struggles is that the Holy Spirit is the one that gives us the power to fullfil these faithfullness issues. He is the one that works in us to make these happen.

Also, it's neat that God seems to be working on the same issues between you and I this week.

Luv and Miss you, Deana

*MichiganMomma* said...

Ok, just so everyone knows, Deana is actually my dh, Dean. I don't know why he accidently types an "a" at the end of his name???? Typing too fast!

Luv you babe ~ can't wait to see you~