Friday, October 19, 2007

~HEALTH Challenge Update~

H ~ Healing
E ~ Eating
A ~ Attitude Adjustment
L ~ LivingLife
T ~ Total body
H ~ Helping others

Here are my six basic ideas to help me through this challenge. Why am I doing this challenge? Is it just weight loss? If so, I'm pretty sure I'll fail miserably. Instead, look at these ideas:

H ~ Healing
I have made poor choices in the past. Not just here and there, not just a celebration or occasional indulgence. Consistent poor choices. This has hurt my body. Changes need to be made so my body can begin the healing process. God made our amazing bodies with the capability to heal itself in many instances. Praise God!!

E ~ Eating
You've all heard it before - eating to live, instead of living to eat. I need to work on how I view food, *why* I head to the fridge, what am I eating for? I also just need to work on LESS overall in this catergory - yes, better choices in what I eat, but also just eating less. Eating what my body NEEDS. I'm guessing I'll deal with withdrawl symptoms, cravings, etc. Only God can honestly get me through this.

A ~ Attitude Adjustment
In the past, I have always viewed those "healthy freaks" well, as freaks! Why in the world would you eat that stuff? Why when we have mashed potatoes, pie and chocolate?? Why waste time exercising, or spend the extra cash on healthier food options? Why care about our environment or "green" options?? The Lord has been slowly opening my eyes about many of these subjects.....I believe I still have a long way to go though.

L ~ Living Life
Really that's what I'm getting at. God gave us these bodies, these lives. I don't think he wants us indulging every physical whim, being lazy, basically destroying our bodies (and minds and thoughts) by our choices. What is it I'm trying to accomplish here?

T ~ Total Body
It's not just our weight. It's not just our physical strength or flexibility or stamina. I believe it goes deeper than that. We're talking about overall health: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Did you exercise today? Did you make healthy food choices? Did you drink enough water or take your supplements? Great! But did you read your Bible? Did you pray about what God would have for you today? Did you take the time to relax and enjoy the creation God has given us? Did you enjoy your children today? Did you love on your husband? There's so much more to "life" than our physical bodies.

H ~ Helping Others
I put this idea in here because most of us are mothers. Most of us are responsible for the diets and activities of many little ones (not to mention our dh's). We will pass on a legacy in this area of health - be it good or bad. How can we possibly leave a positive legacy if we are killing ourselves in these very areas? It is not only for ourselves that these changes need to be made.

Ok, I am headed out of town overnight - I'll be back Saturday evening. On Sunday, I'll try to compile the participants, their specific 6 goals and shoot everyone an email. I'ld like to get your snail mail addys is you are willing to share with me (I'd like to send everyone a little something - can you believe I actually need your address Shari? I can't believe I don't have it.) So if you haven't already, leave a comment that you'd like to participate, list you 6 Health Challenge goals, plus whether you will be tackling them all at once or one per week, plus any other pertinent info.

Once again, here are mine:

#1. up every morning no later than 7am (this will include my daily Bible).
#2. exercise daily (this includes pilates in the am, plus stretching in the pm)
#3. start carrying a water bottle around (filled with *filtered* water - we need a filter).
#4. increase WHOLE FOODS (and overall, just LESS food).
#5. no eating after 7pm (this is my worst eating time)
#6. get to bed each night between 10-11pm.

I will be working on these all at the same time. My dh will be at seminary for these first two weeks (my mother and mil will be helping me out here at home - PTL!!), so I'm hoping for a major change while he is gone! But I'll need lots of girl-friend support, so get ready for lots of Health posts, ladies~

Talk to you all Sunday~
*Michigan Momma*


Mary said...

I LOVE what you said about helping others. It is one of my biggest fears that my daughter will grow up and have the same health problems I did when I was 110 lbs overweight. We already have to buy "plus" sized children's clothes for her, even though they are too big, the regular sizes are too small. I have to make permanent changes now, to help her learn to make good choices when she's older. I would love to hear how others are doing this.

Laura Leigh Dobson said...

I really like your ideas!! I have recently begun a path of health and wellness and trying not to focus exclusively on weight loss. Coutn me in! MY goals are as follows:

Take time to be still every morning, with the Lord.

Drink 100 ounces of water everyday

Stop cooking with white flour

Exercise at least 4 times a week. This will include running or walking.

Do something for someone else (specifically) at least once a week.

Serve a meatless meal at least once a week. :)

I'm going to post these on my blog and link to our blog.

I can email you my snail mail addy if you need it.
this is great thanks!

Anneatheart said...

Hey Lori- I've been putting off the 'committing' because everything has been so busy. I do need to make some changes and it would be nice to have some 'help'. I am a health nut, but have gotten away from our healthy ways a bit. Things I need to work on:

drinking more water
eating less sugar
getting more sleep in- I get up at 5:30 am so I need to be in bed earlier

I also need to be better about my kids' nutrition- getting them to drink water and be satisfied with healthier snacks. I really need to lose some weight, and it will be a challenge with all there is to do, not to mention all the food centered holidays coming up :)

Julie said...

I got busy and forgot to get back with you.
Here are my 6:
Remember to take my medicine everyday

Read with my babies every day!

Raw foods (fruits and veggies with yogurt) at lunch time

Soup or salad with dinner (homemade salad dressing)

Get back to making my own bread 2-3x a week

In bed by 11 every night

I will repost this on my blog.
I think this will be fun!