Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My challenge

Well, my challenge, as I said previously, has been *challenging*.

First, we had 4 babies sick, with my dh out of town, visitors in our home and now I am sick. While it makes sticking to some of my challenges very difficult, it has also shown me how important many of these "goals" are in our lives.

I believe with more sleep and better nutrition, we wouldn't get sick as often. Of course, I know it's bound to happen here and there, especially since we have many children who participate weekly in Sunday school times, Pioneer Clubs, a Wed. night activity, Story Tales on Tuesday mornings, etc. Yet perhaps I could be doing things here at home to help prevent and fight these illnesses more proactively, rather than RE-actively.

Water. ich. I'm am *not* a water drinker. Our water is kinda gross (imo). I have been drinking quite a bit of iced green tea w/ citrus. I pee constantly. But I feel better!!

I still struggle with bedtimes and rising times. Perhaps due to the fact that my sleep is usually so interrupted (think one easily-scared baby, one teething baby, and one loudly-snoring, yet wonderful, dh). I've had an older, wiser mom tell me not to "covet" my sleep, to try as best I can to stick to the same rising time - but MAN.....I feel so drained (probably due to a bad diet as well). There are days I can hardly drag myself out of bed as my dh leaves for work! It is definately one of the hardest things in this challenge.

The next hardest thing is NOT eating after 7pm. Wow - did I ever have an addiction there!! What an amazingly hard habit to break! It was my *decompress* relaxing time after the kids went to bed. I need a new way to decompress.

On a good note, I *am* losing weight. Slowly. On a bad note, I'm RE-losing weight that I had already previously lost - so it doesn't even really feel like losing weight, just crawling back to where I was before. *sigh*

Overall, right now, I'm feeling pretty good. At times, I feel that this challenge was ill-timed (it probably was), but if nothing else, it has kept these goals in the forefront of my thinking. AND, it's not all about just losing weight, but rather being healthy. Taking care of the body God gave me for this time on earth. Agressively dealing with OBSESSIONS and IDOLS I have in my life - not just letting it slip by.

Time to go hug on my babies ~ especially Elijah, poor teething baby that he is :(
*Michigan Momma*

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