Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Some details...

Ok, here are some details as of late:

Setting Captives Free: The Lord's Table

This is my accountability for now. My poor dh, he just loves me a lot and doesn't really want to be mean to me - which I guess is what is needed to hold me accountable. Basically, The Lord's Table calls a sin, a sin. They deal with gluttony. I need to be dealt with. In the most basic, straight-forward way. So this is what I'm doing for now. It is a 60 day program - I am on day 1. I'll let you know how things are going.

Part of this accountability, is a daily food log ~ not forever, just for awhile, as I get used to this. I am doing Permission-Based Eating, otherwise known as GBS (growly belly syndrome - don't ask me why it's a syndrome?). Anyways, you know the drill: eat when your tummy growls (wait for 3 growls to make sure you're really hungry), stop when satisfied, before stuffed. Wait until your body tells you it's hungry again. I don't wait for a growl in the morning though, I just wait until after my workout.

Check out this page if you want to read about GBS a bit more.

So here is today's (Wednesday) REAL eating (not my menu for today, what ACTUALLY went into my mouth).

one bowl of cereal - we got some free small boxes (serving size) somewhere
w/ milk (of course)
2 chicken nuggets
maybe 1/2 c. of diced, fried potatoes w/ ketchup

I'll be honest, I drank diet pop throughout the day. Of course, water would be better, but I just don't really like our water that much. Maybe with a filter...I can drink as much as I want throughout the day, as long as it is NO calories (diet pop, diet green tea, black coffee - yuck, etc.)

I made up some granola, so I took a bite or two (tasting purposes, of course)
then I caved and ate a bowl of ice more ice cream in the house until I have better self-control.

Oh, and I did some Pilates today. 30 min or so - it's a video I own. 10 min. on butt, belly & thighs = 30 min. It was hard, but doable.

Ok, well, my babies are ready to go to church. I'll talk more later....

God Bless you all~
*Michigan Momma*

p.s. I ate very little today, especially for all the work I did - but I'm guessing my body is getting used to this, since it's just day 1. I also could have chosen something a bit healthier than frozen nuggets, but hey, that's what the kiddos were having. My dh was working late, so I didn't make anything big. You can tailor the Lord's Table to whatever menu you want. Hopefully I'll choose healthier options in the futue - well, at least *some* of the time, right??

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Anna said...

Just wanted to encourage you. I see the Lord moving in a LOT of lives right now in this very area. Be of good cheer!