Thursday, December 6, 2007

Come to the conclusion...

I wish I would have photo journaled my day today. I did nothing but play with the kids. Now that they are all having their "quiet time" (except Eli who is playing with the "kitchen" toys), I am doing laundry and dishes. We played with play-doh, we built forts and played with flashlights, we had a concert with a play microphone, we built a train set, we had a picnic in our living room for lunch, complete with Little Einsteins music on the stereo, oh and some other odds-n-ends.

Basically, I cut out the tv and computer. Whew...not an easy thing to do. And not something I'm willing to do permantly or everyday. Somedays I will probably still use it a lot. There *are* some good things that come from these games and/or videos. (I know, you're shocked!) My son definitely learned his alphabet from a particular computer game. My children sing wonderful classical music from the Little Einsteins. I'm amazed how they learn things like opposites, math, telling time, etc. all from a game or a show. Not to mention, in this small apartment, space is at a premium, and it's nice to have one or two kids quiet here and there.

Of course, I also love playing with them and being creative and learning this stuff together. But in reality, I can't spend all day, every day, playing with my children. I could do a lot more than I do now, and that's the goal.

So I've got some ideas for tracing pictures (working on drawing - my son isn't very creative in that department), for stringing wooden beads, for more complex puzzles, some story-telling pictures (i.e. they draw a picture of a story I am reading to them), more dress-up fun, and just lots of stuff.

Any ideas of fun stuff we could do together? Inside, preferably. And keep in mind, my chidlren are 6, 4, 2 and 9 months. (boy, girl, girl, boy) Oooo, beans with measuring spoons and cups......a race with all my sons matchbox cars.......

What else?

These are the days I (and my children) will remember in the future. Not the days I managed to organize the closets or mop all the floors or finish up all the laundry. I already know all this, as I'm sure you do, but sometimes it's just good to be reminded every once in a while.

*Michigan Momma*


Dad said...

You are so right Princess. Play with them when you can. They will never forget the fun they had with their mommy!!

Give those kids a hug & kiss from me.

Love you all,

Anonymous said...

I am so waiting forward to your posts. Oh, and by the way, my dad died when I was 17. I think I miss him now more that I have kids then when it first happened. My sissies and I are thinking about doing an ALS run in the spring.... it sounds like fun. That's what he died from, and boy, if someone could find a cure.... ALS is a horrible way to die. But anyways, get those posts up and running! I check back here frequently, although most times I just have enough time to read, and not comment. Have a great weekend! Cassandra... It's a Wonderful Life
Oh, and by the way... I have been doing great with the health challenge, even if I haven't blogged about it, and you have put it on 'hold' for a bit. I have been running three/four times a week in the basement on the trusty treadmill, and today I weighed myself, and three pounds had come off! How about that? I love the way it makes me feel... I am going to keep it up! now, if I could just get myself to bed by 10, and drink way more water!