Friday, December 14, 2007

those good ol' magic words~

So, I go into Kroger on an evening stop to get some pop. While I am in the store, my son (Isaac, 6yo), who is sad at not being allowed to go into the store with Momma and Tali, asks for a drink of Daddy's pop.

Isaac: Daddy, give me a drink of pop.

Daddy: I'm sorry, what?

Isaac: Can I have a drink?

Daddy: I'm sorry, what?

Isaac: *Daddy!* Give me a drink of pop.

Daddy: *sigh* Isaac, what are the magic words?

Isaac (looking quite confused): ummm......Hocus Pocus??

Obviously, I don't refer to please & thankyou as "the magic words" very often, eh??

Hope you had a good laugh ~ I almost peed my pants when hubby told me!!
*Michigan Momma*

1 comment:

Sarah said...

So cute! Sounds like something my five year old would say. Gotta' love it!