Friday, December 28, 2007

a few quick thoughts

It's hard to be away from my babies, even that big ol' baby - my wonderful hubby...

Yet I am enjoying this time with lil' Elijah, he is just *such* a sweet-tempered little man. He is giving lots of kisses, so many smiles, starting to actually move FORWARD in his crawling attempts, and even beginning to mumble out a few baby words.

My mom is doing, well, okay. The surgery was hard, the recovery is hard. It has to do with her skin, the damage that was done 6-7 years ago from radiation, the drainage tubes, the lack of emotional support she has received from any medical personnel. I won't get into it all, but basically they did the surgery and sent her home. She was told next to nothing about what happens now. When does she get fitted for a prothethis (sp?)? What kind will work? Who should she call? What can she wear in the mean time to feel "normal" when goes out of the house? Ugh....

My mom also told me that some friends of hers were discussing families, responsibilities, etc. and told her how lucky she was to have me here. I don't think that's true. She's not lucky - she's my mother. Of course I'm here to help if I am at all able to. That's what families do. That's what any daughter would do in this situation. Yet in reality, that's not what happens.

Many, too many, children are not supporting their parents. In physical needs, in emotional needs, with their time, with their words, with their sacrifice. It's ridiculous. Is it generational? Would our parents have put off their "duty" so-to-speak to their own parents? Did the previous generations simply not teach and train their own children about love, about family? How did we become such a society of self-absored people?? Ugh, again, ugh.

Anyways, I'm enjoying time with just Elijah. I'm enjoying time with my mother. I'm enjoying relaxing in the fact that my incredible dh is taking care of my other three babies!! I've organized most of my mother's kitchen (fun stuff for me, I'm sick, I know). And I also get to see my sissy on Saturday and have Chinese (our tradition).

Oh, and one more thing, I'm going to make an appointment with a nutritionist. I don't feel like I know how to eat in a healthy way. My nails and hair aren't growing very fast, I feel like I get sick pretty easily, my immune system must be depleted and I'm not helping it by the way I eat. Beyond just eating too much food, I'm not eating the right KINDS of foods. I'm really hoping she can help me. If I fix this issue with ME in mind, it's naturally going to spill over with benefits for my family. I don't want to go on a diet, I want to learn how to use food as fuel for this life the Lord has given to me, to us. I'll keep you posted (I know, I know, you'll be waiting on the edge of your seat.....ha!)

Hmmm.....and I still can't get to bed on time. 2:25am. What am I crazy?? 'night.....
*Michigan Momma*

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PraiseHim said...

Lori, I will be praying for your mother's speedy recovery. I will also be praying for you as you embark on your journey of healthy living. I read your blog regularly, and I love it. You are an inspiration to me!