Saturday, December 22, 2007

Migraine Eye Pillows

Here is my latest project:

I made this based on one that I bought a few years back. I use them when I have migraines. You heat up the rice insert in the microwave, slide it back in the cover, then place it over your eyes. The heat is nice, the pressure is nice, it blocks out the light and it feels great on my sinuses (both above and below my eyes). I made sure to include an elastic strap - mainly because I like to lay on my side - this way I can still wear my eye pillow and be comfortable.

I like it better than an electric heating pad as I would feel comfortable falling asleep with this eye pillow on. It also has velcro-type strips on the ends of the elastic, so I can customize the tension, depending on how much pressure I want on my sinuses/eyes.

Anyways, I really liked this project. I intend on making a few before I leave, at least one for a friend of mine who suffers from migraines, as well as my mom as she is recovering from surgery.

My dh is very supportive (he always is) and wants me to sell them. I checked on-line and the shaped ones, with straps and aromatherapy sell for what I would consider a fairly high price. What would YOU sell/buy them for?? (if you were interested in something like this, of course)

Anyway, just wanted to share. This is my first project where I made up the pattern on my own - I did base it on something I already owned, but *I* drew the pattern, no instructions, just me sewing. There is some sense of satisfaction involved there - it's nice!

Enjoy your evening~
*Michigan Momma*


B.T. said...

Just who is that strange dude with the pink ears, lips and eyes? Anyone we know?!! Love, B.T.

bookreader46 said...

I don't know how much you would charge for an eye pack, but I'd sure buy one from you.

Anonymous said...

Those are so cool, Lori! :)

I'm so happy that your mom's cancer isn't cancer! WOW! I'll be praying for your trip and her recovery.

Love, Holly

becoming said...

Not sure about a price but I'm definately interested!!!!
Great Job!!!!

PraiseHim said...

Those are really cool, Lori! I would probably pay $15-$20 for one. I would be interested in purchasing one. Praise God your mother didn't have cancer!