Saturday, December 15, 2007

How sad....

My beautiful daughter, Selah, has a plethora of dressy-dresses. We get lots of hand-me-downs, especially from families within the church, and no little girl really wears-out her church dresses.

So at the beginning of this month, I took out Selah's fanciest dresses and had her put them in order of her preferance. We would wear them to all the fancy-dress days at church.

This past Sunday rolls around, I pull out that day's fancy-dress and she gets dressed. She look adorable. Mind you, it *is* a bit of an "old-school" dress. Plaid, pleated, white collar with lace, a big ribbon - oooooh, just adorable.

Well, as I am fixing her hair, she decides her dress isn't "pretty". Oh great. Here I am getting four babies ready for church (dh has to be there early) and we are RARELY early, if you know what I mean (translate: running late as usual). Yet I knew this had to be dealt with.

Me: Selah, you know, there are some little girls who don't have ANY dresses at all. Not one.

Selah (looking approriately sad): Ooooohhh, that's so sad.

Me (feeling like a good momma indeed): Yes my dear, some little girls don't have such pretty shoes, fancy dresses, hair bows and such. You are very blessed.
Selah (still looking a bit sad): Oh Momma, we should go to them.

Me (imagining family mission trips with my caring children): Yes, honey, we should go there and give what we can.

Selah (with just the hint of mischief): Yes, Momma, we should go there *right now* and give them THIS DRESS!!!

Somehow, that didn't go exactly as I had planned. *sigh*

But she did wear the dress to church know, there really ARE little girls without...........oh, forget it.

*Michigan Momma*


Kenni B said...

They "wise up" way too early nowadays. Must be the growth hormones in the milk! LOL

Tess said...

The girl KNOWS what she likes!

Love, Mema

Mama said...

ha ha too cute!! Smart girl:)