Saturday, December 15, 2007

how did *that* happen?

So, it has been TOO long since I have been involved in any drama, music, theatre thingy. When they began discussing the basic wardrobe requirements for the performance, I realized I didn't have ANYTHING. How could that be? No black skirt? What?? Not even a basic pair of black flats? Come on Lori.....

And of course, we don't get paid until the day before the performance (of course!). So here we are, at the mall (of all places, ugh), searching for a long black skirt (that isnt' ugly), a pair of black tights, a cute pair of black shoes, heck, even a bra (not a requirement they mentioned, but a necessity none the less!). Four children, one stressed out, financially-strapped hubby, and me (who doesn't really enjoy shopping to begin with). Nice trip.

But it went well. I found what I needed. I spent my dh's money (poor guy), and none of my babies threw themselves down on the mall floor in tantrum. All in all, a good evening. We even gave in a let them ride the carousel. suckers.

*Michigan Momma*
(looking pretty darn good if I do say so myself - which I did!)

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