Tuesday, December 18, 2007

the staff party

Now usually, I don't have all that much fun at any "staff" functions. In the past, I haven't had much in common with the other ladies, and I don't feel all that comfortable with small talk in general. I'm just not very good at it.

Anyways, this was our first Christmas staff party here at our new church. The tables were set up with 6 or 7 seats per table, so that was our entire family. Next year, I'll know to set at least my older kiddos at the kid's table. They ate quickly and went to play with the other staff kids in the gym next door anyways, so in the future, this will allow Dean and I to fellowship with others during this time.

They also had MANY gifts. There were gifts for the kids, gifts swaps, gift "stealing" games, a bonus check (yes!), Tim Horton gift certificates (double YES!), and lots of laughter over-all.

There was a drawing for a very large pink pony - and Talitha won!! She immediately told her sister, "MY pony". Being the third child, I think she may have some personal items issues....*wink*

So anyways, I had a good time. I felt comfortable (which has been my major problem in the past, just a general feeling that I didn't quite belong or I wasn't comfortable being myself). We had good food (catered by some church members as well) and we even got some leftovers to take home (bonus!). The kids seemed to have fun playing with the other PK's ~ they are the youngest kids so they have fun playing with the "bigger kids".

Now I'm tired......and there is a small child and her rather large pink pony in my bed.....
*Michigan Momma*

p.s. my wonderful hubby bought me a coffee grinder tonight. I accidentally purchased WHOLE BEAN coffee. So even though I used a great coupon, it doesn't really count as saving money when you include the cost of the GRINDER. Oh well....now I can see how much better freshly ground coffee is supposed to be. I'll let ya know... ~lori

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