Thursday, December 20, 2007

the train

I seriously just spent 2 hours dealing with Amtrak on-line.

They didn't do anything wrong, in fact, the NUMEROUS times I called to talk to an agent, their response time was fast and they were all helpful.

The problem was, I was ignorant of the many restrictions. Which trains stop where, how many trains were completely booked due to the holidays, the high prices associated with holiday travel. I know, I know, I should have know better....

Anyways, I finally got my ticket confirmation for Elijah and I. Praise the Lord!! The only good news in this all is I found out a particular train station is moving location. Due to that change, the trip from my folks place to my place will include MUCH LESS driving time. With four small children, you just don't need to add an hour and 15 drive if you don't *have* to!!

Anyways, it worked out. I ended up spending $78 - and technically, that's just for ONE round trip ticket, as they make babies under 2 sit on your lap (I have no idea what they expect you to do with the HUGE infant car seat.....but I guess they'll have to figure that out if they make us sit together. Hmph!

Also, I talked with both my mom and dad today. Mom came through surgery okay, although they did say her skin on one side was REALLY bad due to the radiation treatments she went through 7 years ago. She also is having some allergic reactions to her pain meds (itching, throwing up, etc) which is *so* my mother. I'm telling you, if there's a 1% chance of some odd reaction, my mother would have it. That's just the way it goes... (luv ya, mom!)

She really wants to go home NOW, but I believe she is being released tomorrow (Fri). She is just uncomfortable in those hospital beds (after 4 c-section recoveries in hospital beds, I TOTALLY agree) and wants the comforts of her OWN home. She sounds drugged up and quite tired.

So there's the update. I've got plenty to keep me busy until we leave. So I guess that means I'd better get off the computer....I know, I know....

Trusting in Him~
*Michigan Momma*

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becominglikehim said...

Prayin' for ya! I've done this very same thing...but it was a plane trip from Mississippi to Indiana with a stop inbetween; with an 18 month old. God Bless ya!