Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

Celery Extras

When I buy Celery, I always get the whole celery bunches, not the hearts. I cut up the bulk of the celery into sticks (fairly thin sticks, as it's easier to chew and encourages my kiddos to try it too), but I never throw away the tops. They have great flavor and work terrific in soups and stews.

So I chop up the tops and throw them in a freezer bag. That way I always have celery for flavoring in soups, yet I don't have to sacrifice any celery sticks (which are my healthy crudite snack of choice). I know it's a totally simple tip, but something I only recently started doing. I never knew you could use the leafy insides or the tops. Now, I feel as though I'm getting double duty out of my celery purchases.

*Michigan Momma*

as a side note: I have been encouraging my kiddos to try new healthy foods recently. This is not always easy. One way I have found helpful is information. I talk about what each food does for our body, how it helps our muscles, or our immune system (fights the bad guys), gives us energy, etc. My Selah loves this! She is learning about health and nutrition, plus is willing to try lots of new foods. How awesome ~ Lori


Amy said...

Great tip! Thanks!

byrumnews said...

awwhhh, man! Shoot....I just cut up celery the other day and threw the tops away...I never knew you could use them. I also hate to waste the edible part when making broths and such...will know for future use. Thanks!

Kim said...

I never thought to keep the tops - great idea!

Mom2fur said...

I like the way you get your kids to eat good food! It really does appeal to them when you talk to them on an intelligent level, instead of 'talking down' to them.
Here is a celery tip for you: wash, trim and cut your celery when you bring it home. Then wrap it up tightly in foil. I don't know why, but it seems to keep for a very long time this way!