Tuesday, January 22, 2008

organization time

Whoo-hoo!! Boy, do I love to organize. With the move across the street happening in a few weeks, I'm getting psyched about how I can organize our stuff over there. I think about it as I try to fall asleep at night. I think about it as I go through our stuff here - what do I keep, where will it go, what can I give away, what should I toss, what new organizational tools will I need for the new space??

Due to our new money management recently, we will actually have some money to responsibly spend on our new place. We will be getting a new dining table and possibly a new washer & dryer. Because it is the parsonage, the church will be painting it before we move in (and we get to pick the colors!) - cool! This new space has a dishwasher (how excited am I?), an actual pantry and some storage space downstairs. Also, we will have a place to put our chest freezer - I've seriously been missing the extra space it offers. There's a large yard with a playground right behind it - again, cool!

SOOOOOOOOOOO.....with all this organization, I've been thinking about the blog. It's a bit too haphazard for me. I'm gonna organize it.

Each day will have a theme. I'm not sure of the format exactly - something like:

Momma Mondays
Nutrition Tuesdays
Education Wednesdays
Handmade Thursdays
Organization Fridays

or some such...I just want to have a topic for each day. Then, instead of trying to think of what to blog about, I'll just blog on today's topic (or save a blog for a particular day). I won't have to blog every single day though - if I got nothing on that topic, no blog necessary.

I'll get this set up asap ~ with the move, plus all the stuff we've got going on in the upcoming months (it's crazy!), I'll need to organized to make it all work!

talk to ya soon ~ let me know if there's something particular you want to hear about!!
God Bless~
*Michigan Momma*

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