Friday, January 18, 2008

Menu catch up



English muffins with natural pb
topped with thin apple slices - wonderful!!
some V-fusion

basic salad

scrambled eggs with cheese
leftover english muffin
**dh was at a meeting, I was just going with what was easy

~~THEN, I overate.....I know, I know, but at least I overate on a salad. I had a honkin' salad, with lots of veggies, some sunflower seeds, some sliced almonds, and dressing. It wasn't the *best*, yet come on. It was SALAD!! If I'm gonna overeat, that's the way to do it!


we all slept in, got a bit of a late start to our day's plans.
*stopped at Tim Horton's - got one of their Fiesta Chicken Whole Wheat Wraps, and split it with my dh. Also got a cappuchino.

we went to IKEA, so afterwards we stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings. One point of this new eating style is to make it part of our *life*. Well, part of our *life* includes eating out here and there. So we got 8 wings, split the basket as well as a basket of Onion Rings. Not bad.

**Once home, we fed the kids a bit more before bed (since our eating times were so messed up). I made up a loaf of bread, fried up some bacon for breakfast tomorrow (omlettes), and cut up all the veggies for crudite. I ate probably two full slices of bacon while frying it up (whew.....I *love* me some bacon!!) and chomped on one or two veggies.

All in all, not great, not bad. Yet TONS better then my previous eating. I'm not stuffed, I'm not hungry, and I don't feel bad about myself. Hurray~
*Michigan Momma*

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