Monday, January 7, 2008

Momma's back!

Whew....we've gone through a few of those "Momma's back, so we need to do some touch-up training/disciplining". Ugh.....not very fun. And that cute lil' Tali below....well, she was honestly the most difficult to deal with. After a week without Momma, she had some bad habits that needed to be dealt with.

Now my dh is wonderful! He is not some lackidasical dad who lets them get away with anything - but he's not Momma either. He doesn't spend day in and day out with these babies. He simply doesn't put his foot down quite as hard on some issues as I do.

Anyways, I think we're almost back to normal. All the Christmas stuff is *finally* put away, and I am working my way into healthier eating. We, like just about everyone else whose blog I've been reading, have eaten pretty darn un-healthily this past month. Momma is about to step up to the nutrition plate and take a swing. It's certainly not our forte around here, but it's about time we made some changes.

I'm guessing the girls will take it in stride, Elijah won't ever know the difference, Dean knows what's coming, but Isaac.......oh, my poor little picky eater, this will be a difficult time for him. I say this in part-jest. I honestly know this will be hard for him. He will be just fine, of course, but I'll try to ease him into this new eating style as gently as a caring Momma can.

We will be working our way through some of the things we already have in the pantry, and I will be working on what to purchase in the future. I'm on the hunt for healthy, filling, tasty meals, so comment if you have an idea~

Happy New Year~
*Michigan Momma* (who seriously needs to break out the exercise DVDs again)


Thirdtimemomma said...

good luck! :)

Anneatheart said...

You know, my older two got into a picky stage, and I find that making them get good and hungry helps. (like if they don't want to eat dinner then they usually devour breakfast)

Also, they are used to healthier eating, but prefer junk food. Snacks are my hardest, so I do buy some crackers and dried fruit, plus I slice up fresh fruits and cheese, or do microwave popcorn. (we get Newman's Own brand) They are getting more used to drinking water, but usually have some juice and milk during the day. (of course the kombucha and kefir too, but again we're used to it)

Something that does make a mess and take more time to prepare, but is healthy is smoothies. I blended up frozen strawberries that I had thawed and added a little sugar to with kefir and bananas and they loved it.

Anyways, if you need healthy and cheap meal ideas feel free to ask.