Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Monday's Menu ~ a bit late

Ok, so I'm going to try to remember to post our daily menus, at least for a while. We are trying out some menus from Hillbilly Housewife (on my sidebar). Yes, we (dh and I) are trying to lose the excess weight - but more importantly, we are trying to "learn" how to eat in a healthy manner. We know lots about eating carbs, eating "white" (flour, sugar, rice, potatoes, etc.) and HUGE portions. Not exactly healthy. So we're hoping that following this specific menu for a while will help us learn about portions, eating our veggies and how to look at food as fuel, instead of always as pleasure (not that it can't be both - but our view has always been fairly one-sided). We have changed the menus here and there, just to fit our family.


one english muffin spread with Neufchatel cheese and strawberry preserves
one turkey sausage patty
one glass of that new V-fusion (V8 that tastes like fruit juice instead of veggies)

oh, well, I had a leftover diet shake, as I was feeding the kids leftovers from Olive Garden. I didn't want to make up my own lunch, so I just grabbed a quick shake. Normally though, we will have a tasty, healthy lunch (although it will probably be some leftovers)

1 beef & bean burrito with salsa and cheddar cheese (a bit spicy, yet very tasty!)
lots of raw veggies with dip
*the kids also had some applesauce

**I also had a cup of coffee today with flavored creamer. It is one of my tasty treats that I just haven't been willing to give up (at least, not yet).

With that being our menu (dh and myself), I then simply offered my kiddos some inbetween healthy snacks. They certainly don't need to be on a "diet" - yet we want them to eat the same foods. We don't want them to suffer with poor eating habits their whole life. Tonight, my sweet Selah happily tried some celery and cucumbers. She very much enjoys learning what each food does for our body, how it affects us. And my little Tali, well, she'll eat just about anything (although we did just learn that she does NOT like black olives - from Olive Garden - she made an awful face and spit it right back out!).

My poor Isaac though....whew....this will be tough for him. He is already so skinny, and is just a horrible picky eater. I have offered him healthy snacks often during the day. He will simply have to learn that Momma and Daddy are serious about changing the way we eat. If he wants to eat, then he will have to try some new foods. If he wants to have priviledges (screen time, mainly), then he will have to *try* these new foods. He doesn't have to eat it all, nor does he have to "like it". He simply has to try it. He finally did try the burrito tonight, yet never did manage a cut-up veggie......this will be a struggle for him. Dh talked tonight about WHY we have changed our food - he let the kids know that eating this way may help us to live longer, stronger lives. That this is how we can take care of the bodies God gave us. At least they can learn some of this now, as they are children, when it is so much easier.

So there ya go - our first step. I'm guessing it will be kinda tough on this Momma & Daddy as well as Isaac. I added exercise to my morning routine as well, and we will go for walks as a family as the weather permits. Now if I can just get in enough sleep.......

God Bless~
*Michigan Momma*


becoming said...

Hang in there....we are making changes as well and our 13 year old is a tough sell sometimes too. I made granola this week and according to him I need to tweak a couple of things before he will "enjoy" it. But, keep in touch; it sounds like we are on the same page.....God will honor our efforts!!!!!

Anneatheart said...

I know how you feel. My middle one has been the picky eater for about a year now, and she is finally getting over it! Our rules are eat what we offer or nothing at all. Sometimes she goes to bed without dinner, but that's her choice. Little Sarah is starting to get a bit picky, but we just treat her the same way and she usually eats up when she gets hungry enough. Tough Love!!